Green industry businesses win customers for life with SingleOps. We strive to help owners and their teams earn more new business, turn customers into superfans, and achieve their most important goals every day.

Our Story

In 2011, Matt Lowe founded Swift Straw, an Atlanta-based Landscape Install and Supply company. After a couple years of very strong growth they hit a wall. Along with their growth came increased complexity and challenges – managing staff in the office, coordinating with crews in the field, keeping the sales pipeline full, and making sure existing clients were receiving the service they’d come to expect, all while needing to keep an eye on cash flow and profitability – two things that can sink a seasonal business if not monitored intensely.

Sean McCormick, a fellow entrepreneur and small business owner, met with Matt regularly to share their challenges of running small businesses. Sean’s background was in cloud computing, having founded a profitable ecommerce startup while still in undergrad at Northwestern. After countless coffee meetings and brainstorming sessions, Matt and Sean realized that a software solution could solve many of Swift Straw’s challenges. However, this software solution did not exist.

In 2013, Matt and Sean developed a software prototype for Swift Straw. The company immediately took off like a rocket, achieving accolades like the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing List, and soon became the fastest growing company in the entire green industry.

As word got out about their software’s impact with Swift Straw, Matt and Sean were contacted by several other mobile service companies in the area that were experiencing the same challenges. It was then that SingleOps was born, out of a proven solution to a common business need.

Fast forward to today and the SingleOps team has grown immensely. We’ve partnered with industry experts in technology and the green industry to develop a product that has helped thousands of green industry professionals build a better business.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Success

    We are only as successful as our customers. Our product is mission critical to our customers so we must care for their business as if it were our own.

  • We Before Me

    Strive to be a servant leader both to our team and to our customers.

  • Growth Mindset

    Your personal growth is critical to SingleOps growth. Never stop exploring, failing, succeeding, and learning.

  • Simplicity

    Unnecessary complexity breeds waste, stress, and unhappiness. Always search for the simplest solution.

  • Get Sh*t Done, How You Want

    We focus on goals and results, and empower our team to achieve them however they feel is best.

Our Board


Sean McCormick

CEO & Co-Founder, SingleOps

Sean has over 10 years of experience leading teams building successful cloud & mobile software products. He started his first cloud software company while still in undergrad at Northwestern and hasn’t looked back since. He’s an odd combo of a tech nerd who loves the outdoors – fly fishing especially.


Matt Lowe

CEO, Swift Straw

Matt is our resident landscape business expert. He founded Swift Straw,
one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses in the green industry. Their accolades include multiple placements on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing list. While Matt’s serious about business, he might be even more serious about deer hunting.


David Cummings

CEO, Atlanta Ventures

After acquired David’s marketing automation company Pardot in 2012 he shifted his focus to tech investing. He is the founding investor of some of the fastest growing tech companies in the country (SalesLoft, Terminus, Calendly, etc.). David also founded Atlanta Tech Village, a leading tech center in the SouthEast.

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