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Capital Land Management Increases Efficiency & Revenue While Supporting All 5 Branches with SingleOps

September 17, 2020

Capital Land Management At a Glance
capital land management at a glance

The Customer

Founded in 2009 in central Florida, Capital Land Management is known for quality services, exceptional efficiency, and the highest level of professionalism. The company offers various services, including landscape maintenance, fertilization and pest control, irrigation, and design and installation services.

The Challenge

Capital Land Management previously managed its business using numerous spreadsheets as well as a scheduling program. To increase efficiency, the company sought a program that could do everything, such as scheduling, proposing, all in one.

The Solution

“We searched for a solution and reviewed a ton of different companies, then narrowed down to SingleOps, which was tailored to our business. It was important to us to make sure we made the right decision. We saw four or five different demos of each product over a few months,” explained Jarrett B. Myers, Chief Operating Officer, Capital Land Management.

“We finally selected SingleOps because it’s easy to use, and it does just about everything. Most other apps didn’t do as much as SingleOps, so there was just no comparison. We felt we got the most bang for the buck with everything we needed in one product. SingleOps was also easier to transition and adaptable. It’s easier to teach people, even those who might not be as computer literate.”

The Results

Smooth, Swift Implementation

“The implementation experience was even better than I had expected. I spent one or two hours each day working to figure it out, and I would build up a list of questions to review at the next session with the SingleOps team.

“I was prepared for us to spend three to four months getting used to it, but I was able to understand it in just over a month, and I was able to implement SingleOps with my team in another month. It went quickly,” said Jarrett.

Quick, Efficient Proposing

“Proposing is a big part component for us. With our old system, we’d take pictures and write notes in the field, then go back to the office, transfer the photos onto laptops, and then put it all into a Word document to create a proposal. Now with SingleOps, we can simplify the process while we’re in the field, so we don’t have to go back to the office and do the proposing at the end of the day.”

Streamlined Processes, Including Lead Follow Up

The Capital Land Management sales team also uses SingleOps Customer Relationship Management capabilities. They put leads into the system and can follow up quickly.

Capital Land Management also uses SingleOps to generate invoices, then pull them into QuickBooks. An Accounts Payable user is then able to bill it. Soon, the company plans to set up QuickBooks to integrate with SingleOps fully.

Integrated and Customizable Support for All Five Branches

Capital Land Management has five branches: landscape maintenance, fertilization and pest control, irrigation, tree trimming, and landscape installation. SingleOps can accommodate the individual needs of each team.

For example, the maintenance team requires consistent scheduling. To meet customer needs, such as bugs found or irrigation breaks, the team must create tasks for other branches. “With SingleOps, our landscape management, irrigation, and construction teams can get those tasks, flip them into proposals, and take care of items to serve our customers.

“Having all of this integrated into one system helps all our branches come together. It’s much more efficient than having to email someone and risk things being lost in inboxes,” explained Jarrett.

Streamlined Operations Increase Efficiency and Revenue

“In the past, we created paper proposals. I guesstimated last year 5% of proposals never got billed out, resulting in a loss of nearly $100,000. With SingleOps, the team in the field clicks ‘Done,’ and we can check back that it was billed out. Before you’d have to go on each laptop, check emails, and sometimes we didn’t do that.

“This year, we’ve had a 3% decrease in plant material costs, and we feel that’s directly related to billing out everything. Additionally, our irrigation billing is up 25% this year.”

Significant Time-Savings

“It’s hard to know the exact amount of time SingleOps has saved us, but I know it’s a lot. I would imagine one and a half hours per day per manager, and we currently have 18 managers using it,” concluded Jarrett.