Gunnison Tree Automates Communications with Singleops



Gunnison Tree Specliasts is a leading tree care business in Atlanta, GA. With 15 years of experience, they do everything from low impact pruning to tree removal. They focus on providing a level of customer service beyond any competitor in their industry, and have stayed very innovative in order to do so.



Gunnison Tree has a very tech savvy team – prior to using SingleOps, they had created a unique system to estimate, schedule, and invoice their jobs that heavily leveraged their team’s mobile devices (mostly iPhone and iPads). Their system involved a series of emails and calls between their field sales reps, their back office, and their customers.

It was a functioning process, and had allowed them to grow into one of the top tree care companies in Atlanta. However, there was an opportunity to improve – they recognized that many of the data entry tasks they did were repeated. A single job required 4 hand typed emails and 3 hand typed forms, with information being re-typed throughout the process.

After deploying SingleOps, they cut down on duplicate data entry completely. Once the information about their job is entered into SingleOps, they use automated email templates to quickly send the necessary information to their sales team, their crews, and their customers. And the same information is used for scheduling, job costing, and billing.

“The automated email templates are a huge time saver. We’re now able to provide even more communication with our customers, which they really appreciate.” – Kelly Wilder, COO

Increasing net income in a 15 year old company takes a focused effort and a committed team. It’s the result of many factors, and using a cloud-based operations solution like SingleOps is a critical part of the equation. Despite the challenge, Gunnison Tree Specialists increased their net income a whopping 56% from 2014 to 2015, year over year. That projects to be a gain of over $400,000 in 2015!

“Our business has been on a stellar growth trajectory the last several years. We needed a good operations system to keep up with the growth and deploying SingleOps has allowed us to not miss a beat.” – Matt Cathell, Owner

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