Hendrick Soils Increases Profitability with SingleOps

Hendrick Soils is a full service landscaping and landscape supply company in Atlanta, GA. They have been in business for over 10 years and have been servicing the metro Atlanta area with landscaping maintenance, installation, enhancement, and tree removal services. They also provide some of the best landscape supply materials available, specializing in organic soils, gravel, sand, stone, pine straw, and mulch.


Deploying a new operations software for a large established business is no easy task. Hendrick Soils reached out to SingleOps with two main objectives:

  1. Provide profitability per job
  2. Establish real-time inventory

Prior to using SingleOps, Hendrick Soils was using QuickBooks Online to understand their profitability, but the data came in too late to be actionable, and they weren’t able to see how profitable they were on a per job basis. Also, they were using a spreadsheet to record inventory levels of their landscape supply division. The spreadsheet never seemed to be accurate as it was a very time consuming process for his team to update.

After a short on-boarding period, Hendrick Soils was off to the races with SingleOps. Their team was eager to improve their business so SingleOps training was a breeze. And integrating SingleOps to their QuickBooks Online account immediately brought in all the data into SingleOps they needed to start entering and scheduling jobs.

“A couple months after launching SingleOps we had achieved our objectives. We have real-time inventory values that are accurate without all the hassle we had before. And we’re able to see how profitable each job is and how that compares to our estimates.” – Stuart Bracey, Owner


Hendrick Soils Creates a Growth-Centered Culture


With the new profitability data available to Hendrick Soils, their team made a decision that helped drive up profitability to record levels. They decided to switch commission compensation to be based on job gross margin, something that was not possible before SingleOps.

“Being able to compensate our guys on job profitability has been a game-changer for our business. Our labor has improved dramatically, not only becoming more productive, but the team is just generally happier. Even our customers have noticed it.” – Stuart Bracey, Owner

By combining SingleOps technology with their growth-centered culture, Hendrick Soils was able to see a record increase in gross margin, spectacular results for a business over 10 years old.

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Sean McCormickHendrick Soils