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Grow Your Irrigation Services Business with SingleOps

Take your irrigation services business to the next level with SingleOps, offering equipment management, precise job costing, and seamless scheduling – all from one platform.

  • Customer & Sales Ops
  • Job Management
  • Crew & Equipment Ops
  • Payments
  • Reporting
Customer & Sales Ops
Customer & Sales Ops

Manage Your Book of Business from Anywhere

With SingleOps, your team can manage your client & prospect lists from anywhere, on any device. Our cloud-based customer relationship management platform stores all of your data in the cloud, allowing anyone in your business to access customer information anytime, in the office or in the field.

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Job Management
Job Management

Build your schedule, provide instant estimates, and track jobs with ease

SingleOps’ job management platform helps you conduct day-to-day business activities quicker and manage your projects in detail from start to finish.

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Crew & Equipment Ops
Crew & Equipment Ops

Manage your team and equipment easier with real-time tracking

SingleOps allows you to manage & access your team’s schedule from anywhere, manage HR functions like timesheets and time tracking while giving you visibility into how your inventory & equipment is used.

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Get paid faster with SingleOps invoicing and our customer payment platform.

SingleOps’ financial management platform will help invoice for any type of job and get paid faster by providing your customers with a variety of flexible, real-time payment options.


Identify opportunities and improve your business with dynamic insights

SingleOps reporting gives you access to actionable insights on how your business is performing and how you can improve. From job costing to custom reporting, you’ll have more insight into your business than ever before.

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Our team with John, Ben, and Russ from Deep Roots Landscaping.
A Business Partner You Can Trust

Specialized Service for Irrigation Services Companies

Revolutionize your irrigation projects with SingleOps. Manage equipment, track job costs, and streamline scheduling seamlessly. Our software empowers you to provide top-tier irrigation services, enhancing client satisfaction and profitability. Our customer success team, positioned as your trusted partner, is dedicated to your industry, providing guidance and support to help you succeed.


Measurable Results

We’ve doubled in size to more than $5 million in revenue in the four years since we started using SingleOps, and every division is profitable. We have no doubt that we could double again and SingleOps already has the platform set up for us to be able to do that.

Ben Filchak
Deep Roots Landscape

I was taking leads and going out to take notes, and then I could sit in my car on my tablet or at my desk at the end of the day and send out 5 to 10 proposals in one-tenth of the time it used to take me to handwrite them.

Jack Harder
General Manager
Harder Tree and Landscape Services, Inc.

Now, generating estimates is a simple, easy process that multiple people in the office can do. What would’ve taken hours is now done in minutes. This frees up time for our estimators and eliminates bottlenecks.

John Sink

It’s a much more professional experience for everyone involved. Someone answering the phone at the office can see where crews are and tell the customer when they’re going to arrive, all without making extra phone calls.

Wade Vugteveen
DeHamer Landscaping

I have people accepting proposals within minutes. They don’t even have to email me back, they just click the box. I’m blown away by how fast they’re accepting proposals. Without a doubt, my close rate has gone up.

Moses Cooper
Owner & ISA Certified Arborist
Momentum Tree Experts

SingleOps is a wonderful company!  From the sales process through implementation and finally to our account manager we have had great success. The company is full of customer focused individuals who are committed to providing not only amazing customer service but a great software.

Priscilla DeRubeis
Business Operations Manager
Lynch Landscape
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