Swift Straw Expands Using SingleOps


Swift Straw is the largest pine straw and mulch installer in the country, primarily servicing the SouthEast. They install pine straw and mulch for both commercial and residential properties, as well as sell pine straw and mulch wholesale and at retail locations. They have operations all over the SouthEast. Founded in 2011, they are #404 on the INC 500 fastest growing companies in 2015 and the #1 fastest growing in the green industry.



Increasing Profitability While Growing Revenue

When Swift Straw approached us in 2013, they had grown so fast that their infrastructure hadn’t been able to keep up. They were using a custom setup on SalesForce to run their operations, which they soon realized SalesForce was not designed to do. Unable to find an adequate technology solution for their business elsewhere, they decided to build their own. $40,000 and several months later, they had an unfinished software project and a precarious situation with their growing young business at serious risk using their existing system.

Swift Straw had the following priorities in implementing a new operating system:

  1. Ability to see profitability per job
  2. Easy to use scheduling
  3. Automated communications to crews and clients
  4. Real-time inventory
  5. QuickBooks integration

Achieving those priorities would give Swift Straw the tools it needed to continue growing revenue while beginning to make the business profitable.

Fast forward to today, and those objectives have been achieved. In the first half of 2015, Swift Straw grew revenue by $2,024,236 more than the same period in the year before. Additionally, they are on track to cut their operating expenses in half, resulting in an additional several million dollars to the bottom line. 

“SingleOps got our back office and our field team on the same page. We’ve been able to grow without having to hire like crazy since so much is automated.” – Mike Perry, Manager

Growing the Swift Holdings Family


Swift Straw is just one company in the Swift Holdings family. There is also Swift Recycle, Long Needle Baling, and as of 2015, Corbin’s Baled Pine Straw and Truck-cor Transportation. All of these businesses are also using SingleOps, creating enormous organizational efficiencies. What started as a young and growing pine straw business with under $10MM in revenue has expanded into a large family of businesses with an exceptional culture and total revenues of over $20MM.

“In 2015, we acquired both Corbin’s Baled Pine Straw and Truck-cor Transportation. This would not have been possible without SingleOps. We have been able to scale our revenue, increase our profitability, and complete successful acquisitions all using their technology. It’s truly incredible.” – Brent Hall, CFO

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Sean McCormickSwift Straw Case Study