Tailgate Guys Growth Surges With SingleOps

Tailgate Guys is a unique event rentals company out of Auburn, AL –¬†they provide the ultimate tailgating experience for their partner universities, which include Georgia Tech, Auburn, University of Florida, and Texas A&M. Their sister company, The Event Group, is a more traditional event rentals business, providing rental equipment and services for events ranging from weddings to graduation parties, and everything in between.



Helping Tailgate Guys Never Overschedule or Overbook

Tailgate Guys knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace of their growth while continuing to manage their inventory on spreadsheets and their schedule on a white board. They needed a fully integrated system where everyone in the business has access to what they need, when they need it.

So Tailgate Guys presented SingleOps with a unique challenge. They wanted an operating system that would provide them with the information to never overschedule their team and never overbook their inventory, for both of their businesses. They were also experiencing rapid growth, so they did not want a software deployment process that would slow them down.

The SingleOps team relished the challenge.

“Booking events is much easier with SingleOps. Instead of checking the inventory spreadsheet, cross-referencing the white board calendar, then putting the customer information into QuickBooks, we are able to do everything in a single place.” – Paul Willis, Director of Operations

After implementing SingleOps, Tailgate Guys growth continued to accelerate. Instead of hitting the plateau common when new businesses reaching maturity, Tailgate Guys implemented SingleOps in order to skip this phase and keep right on growing their business. And that they have. Tailgate Guys increased sales 65% and increased their net income 190% from 2014 to 2015, year over year. This projects to be a seven figure increase in revenue and profitability.

“SingleOps is more than just a productivity tool, it’s the infrastructure on which to build a thriving business.” – Parker Duffey, Owner

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Sean McCormickTailgate Guys Case Study