2020 Lawn and Landscape Magazine Tech Report

SingleOps is proud to serve the green industry and is the exclusive sponsor of the 2020 Tech Report. 

Software is now tablestakes

In an industry where 80% of customers accept the first estimate, speed is critical. Using software to run your business in real-time is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s become table stakes for running a successful landscaping company at scale.

When we transition a landscaping business to SingleOps from pen and paper, spreadsheets, or legacy software, the results are transformative. Our clients grow revenue, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.

What’s most rewarding is hearing our clients say “I was able to take my first vacation in years” or “I am now able to spend more time with my family” because of SingleOps. We are proud to serve the landscaping industry and support the 2020 Lawn & Landscape Technology Report.

Sean McCormick
Founder & CEO, SingleOps