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6 Questions to Ask Before Sending That Email





Email can be a powerful tool for your business. However, we all know that it’s not easy as write, click, and send. I open my email every morning to a bombardment of marketing and spam emails. Purchase a single water bottle online, and within a week your inbox is cluttered. Eventually, you’ll either completely ignore those emails or unsubscribe. Now consider your customers and their experience. Let’s discuss six questions landscape and tree care professionals should be asking themselves before hitting send on an email.

1. Are you emailing the right people?

This might seem obvious, but are you mindful of who you’re sending your emails to? You shouldn’t be sending your latest lawn care promotions to customers who have already purchased a service plan. Before you begin typing an email, carefully consider who your audience is. Know your audience is the golden rule of writing. Sending an email to the wrong person can be more harmful than never sending an email at all. Utilize suppression lists to avoid sending unnecessary emails to current customers.

2. Do you give more than you ask?

Try not to constantly spam leads or clients with emails asking them to sign up for your services. Your email campaigns should utilize the “give, give, ask” approach. Don’t immediately send promotional emails to customers. Send two emails that provide information or advice before sending someone a direct sales email.

3. Is your email too long?

Many people view emails on their mobile devices. This means you should draft emails with the mobile experience in mind. A long email might look great on your desktop screen, but when viewed in a mobile application, the text can be visually overwhelming and reduce the number of people who read through the entire email. When emailing, more is less. After writing your initial draft, review the email and see if you can edit the email down to the essential text. Clear and punchy text goes a long way.

Source: Victoria BMKT 369

4. Do you have a clear goal for the email?

Ask yourself, “what is the purpose of this email?” Is your goal to inform customers? Make sure to include a link to your blog post or resource material. Are you promoting a fall special? Add buttons customers can click to sign up for service easily. Make sure each email you send clearly communicates the direct action you want a reader to take.

5. Am I using email marketing software?

Email marketing software is a must for any business, small or large. It helps you keep your email lists organized, allows you to automate emails to segments of customers, and helps you track the efficiency of your email campaigns. Sending massive list emails in Gmail or outlook isn’t enough. Businesses need to use business software. Popular email marketing options are Mailchimp and Hubspot.

6. Is my subject line enticing?

The only way to get a reader to open an email is by having an enticing subject line. You can spend hours crafting the perfect email, but readers are much less likely to open it if your subject line doesn’t communicate value. After writing an email, think carefully about your subject. As previously stated, it’s important to have business email software to track which email subjects are the most effective at getting readers to open your emails. Here are tips for writing catchy email subject lines.

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