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Jobs Management

Lighting-Fast Proposals that Maximize Revenue and Margin

SingleOps’ job management platform helps you conduct day-to-day business activities and create greater customer proposal experiences easier than ever before.

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Provide Instant Estimates to Your Clients from Anywhere

SingleOps makes it easy for you to build proposals and estimates from any device – in the office on desktop or in the field on mobile. Simply add your services and required items to quickly provide your prospective clients with a professional estimate and digital proposal experience.

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Customize Each Proposal & Keep Your Crew Informed

Customers have different needs and jobs can vary in complexity. SingleOps makes it easy for your team to customize each proposal with client notes and crew notes, satellite tree mapping, camera integration with unlimited image uploads, and more.


Up-sell and Cross-sell in the Field or in the Office

Quickly update your estimates and finalize your proposals by offering required, recommended and/or optional services whether you’re walking through a job site or discussing the job with a customer from your office. SingleOps makes it easy to maximize each deal, however your team works!


"What makes our proposals stand out is the ability to include pictures per line item. That puts us head and shoulders above everyone else."

Our proposals look more professional, and people can understand what’s happening. We’re able to mark them up on our phones and highlight things, such as marking specific tree branches. It’s easier to tell what’s going on. [The customer] can see and understand the proposal.

Andrew Dahler
Client Experience and Team Resource Coordinator
CHOP Nashville

More SingleOps Features

Client Portal

Stand out from your competition by leveling up the customer experience of booking new services, viewing & approving proposals, and accepting payments.

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Store all of your customer data in our cloud-based CRM. Empower everyone in your business to access customer information at any time, from any device, in the office or the field.

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Customer Communications

Manage customer communications from a single platform with a 360-degree view of the customer’s experience. Quickly text or email individual customers, or send bulk communications in advance of upcoming visits.

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Digital Work Orders

Work orders sync information from accepted proposals so that your crews never miss a detail. Private crew notes and site photos to help them provide five-star customer experiences.

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GPS Tracking

Get real-time visibility into your equipment, including vehicles and equipment, and compare timesheet data against crews’ location history.

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Our financial management platform will help bill for any type of job and get you paid faster – all while providing your customers with a variety of flexible payment options.

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Job Costing

Get actionable insights on how your specific jobs and services are performing and how you can improve.

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Payment Options

Our financial management platform will help bill for any type of job and get paid faster – all while providing your customers with a variety of flexible payment options.

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Reporting & Analytics

Track progress, timelines, and budgets at a glance. Run pre-built or custom reports to see how your business is performing and identify opportunities for improvement every day.

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Scheduling & Routing

Enjoy increased productivity with greater control over your scheduling and routing. SingleOps enables your crews to maximize their time and even squeeze in more jobs when they finish early.

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Time Tracking

SingleOps timesheets automates many aspects of time management, allowing you to remain confident that labor costs are tracked accurately.

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