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Jobs Management

Job Site Mapping for Clear, Direct On-Site Instructions

Work smarter, not harder, with SingleOps. Imagine using your device to easily mark specific instructions for your crews to follow, from where to park to the particular job tasks to the exact square footage of the property. 

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Map Specifics to Prevent Mistakes and Aid Documentation

Mark specific locations on the map, such as parking spots, trees to be cut, or gate positions, providing exceptional accuracy. This precise mapping not only prevents errors, like cutting down the wrong tree, but also helps with insurance documentation by providing exact locations of job specifics.

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Job site mapping image from google earth of a house with pins marking where to park and what tree to work on

Maximize Job Site Materials with Accurate Measurements

Integrated with Google Earth, SingleOps allows you to accurately measure square footage, excluding non-relevant areas like walkways and sidewalks. This precise measurement ensures effective cost control by helping you determine the exact amount of materials needed for each project.

Image of a home from Google earth with property details.

Ensure Better Communication and Safety Across All Job Stages

SingleOps boosts project efficiency at every stage, ensuring information access for everyone from onsite crews to offsite managers. With mapping integrated into documents like proposals, work orders, and invoices, our platform enhances productivity, simplifies communication, and increases safety and client satisfaction. 

Ipad with singleops software being shown in front of flowering bush

"It could easily take 6 hours each day to plan the next day’s route and call customers to inform them. We now have it streamlined, and it takes less than an hour."

At the end of each day, I was responsible for planning routes for each crew and each technician. It could easily take 6 hours each day to plan the next day’s route and call customers to inform them. With SingleOps, we now have it streamlined, and it takes less than an hour to make 10-12 routes for all the technicians.

Alyssa Jeffery
Lawn Care Manager & Office Administrator
Turf King and Turfscapes

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