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Customer Success Stories

Learn how our customers use SingleOps to produce measurable and impactful results every day.


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Our QuickBooks Online is connected directly, which saves us days each month in data entry. Our sales professionals (can) quote on the spot with accurate margins and get job costing in real-time.

Courtney Fetzer

They really understand the business. If you are in the “Green Industry”, there’s not a better partner to choose for your software. Trust me, we did demos and trials with most of them and SingleOps is where it’s at!

Patrick Mullins
BetterScapes Lawn, Shrub and Tree Care

SingleOps is a wonderful company!  From the sales process through implementation and finally to our account manager we have had great success. The company is full of customer focused individuals who are committed to providing not only amazing customer service but a great software.

Priscilla DeRubeis
Business Operations Manager
Lynch Landscape

The program is fantastic, provides a lot of ability to tailor it to your business, and creates a lot of streamlined efficiency! If you want to take control of your business, you need to look into a program like this to do so.

Travis Amon
Controller, Certified Management Accountant
Good’s Tree and Lawn Care

Jess was fabulous to work with! She took time to explain everything and walk me through each item so that I knew what it meant and how it worked. Highly recommend!

Chad Bowen
Monster Tree Service

We put out about 100 estimates a week and complete about 40 one-off jobs a week, and SingleOps keeps track of all of it for us. We have also had a great experience with the customer service.

Shelley Oliver
Office Admin
Stutzman Brothers Property Maintenance

The onboarding and implementation process was flawless, and the customer support is truly second to none. Strongly recommend if you are considering software to go with SingleOps!

Krista Smith
Office Manager
Cut-Rite Tree Services

The software allows us to process more leads, close more sales, and track more projects without adding support staff. Really happy that I trusted Steve and signed up.

Micah Paroline
Mountain View Property Services

It has saved us hours of work and allowed us to estimate accurately. As I told one person, this is better than Christmas and Birthday combined. This implementation team is excellent and very responsive. SingleOps is the Single way to go.

Tristan Parsons
LaVida Landscapes

It far exceeds any other software company we have used thus far. Single Ops has been instrumental in the growth of our business. Their software has helped us to streamline many of our processes and keep everything organized on one platform. Thank you Single Ops!

Joseph Eves
Rancho Coastal

 Having the crew be able to clock in and out each day is extremely helpful to me (we used to use paper timesheets). Processing payments, making schedule changes, assigning tasks and jobs, making job changes are all so easy! 

Anita Briner
Office Manager
Snyder Tree Service

What an amazing team to work with every day. Picking a software can be challenging, but after this past year, I can honestly say I love the software! Great company with great service!

Dave Lewis
Orleans Co. Tree Service

Super responsive when we have questions or problems. The software is working very well, we are not disappointed with our decision to switch to it. Overall, we are really happy with Single Ops!

Dave Firman
CEO & Owner
Firman Irrigation & Tree Service

Singleops is an awesome program, I switched to them in January of 2021. It has improved my process and customer relations 10 fold and I’m able to expand my operations. The staff and customer support is second to none

John Madden
General Manager/Owner
ECO Tree Care

The software’s intuitive interface, customizable workflows, and powerful scheduling tools have significantly streamlined our operations.

Mylessia T.
Office Manager
Thomas-Hill Lawncare & Landscaping

The teams at SingleOps have been great to work with. We have been the “complicated order,” and they have patiently helped us figure out our estimating methodologies to work within their system. The results and reporting features have been very beneficial for our business.

Ken Poole
ProGreen Synthetic Turf Systems

SingleOps has incredible customer service – better than any software or technology company I have ever worked with. Their staff truly cares about your business and trying to help you be successful. We chose this software due to the lead tracking, estimating, crew work orders (photos and notes), invoicing and finally job costing. 

Danielle Mears
Mears Lawn and Landscape

Their customer service really separates them from other CRM companies. If you have a question while using the software you always get a very quick response and they never leave you guessing or frustrated. I’d recommend this software to anyone in the green industry!

Jeffrey Shaw
Owner and Founders
Shaw Does It All

Very intuitive to use. Great support and customer service.

Chama Henry
Office Manager
Bluestone Tree

Felicia was able to really help dial in how we wanted to customize Single Ops to fit our business. I think Single Ops is a very intuitive program. The reporting features are top notch and the fact that it syncs with Quickbooks is a game changer!

Kristen Poole
ProGreen Synthetic Turf

Explore SingleOps Features

Client Portal

Stand out from your competition by leveling up the customer experience of booking new services, viewing & approving proposals, and accepting payments.

Learn more


Store all of your customer data in our cloud-based CRM. Empower everyone in your business to access customer information at any time, from any device, in the office or the field.

Learn more

Customer Communications

Manage customer communications from a single platform with a 360-degree view of the customer’s experience. Quickly text or email individual customers, or send bulk communications in advance of upcoming visits.

Learn more

Digital Work Orders

Work orders sync information from accepted proposals so that your crews never miss a detail. Private crew notes and site photos to help them provide five-star customer experiences.

Learn more

Estimates & Proposals

Lightning-fast proposal generation that optimizes for both revenue and margin based on your business needs and goals. Options-based proposals give your customers choices and minimize changes.

Learn more

GPS Tracking

Get real-time visibility into your equipment, including vehicles and equipment, and compare timesheet data against crews’ location history.

Learn more


Our financial management platform will help bill for any type of job and get you paid faster – all while providing your customers with a variety of flexible payment options.

Learn more

Job Costing

Get actionable insights on how your specific jobs and services are performing and how you can improve.

Learn more

Payment Options

Our financial management platform will help bill for any type of job and get paid faster – all while providing your customers with a variety of flexible payment options.

Learn more

Reporting & Analytics

Track progress, timelines, and budgets at a glance. Run pre-built or custom reports to see how your business is performing and identify opportunities for improvement every day.

Learn more

Scheduling & Routing

Enjoy increased productivity with greater control over your scheduling and routing. SingleOps enables your crews to maximize their time and even squeeze in more jobs when they finish early.

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Time Tracking

SingleOps timesheets automates many aspects of time management, allowing you to remain confident that labor costs are tracked accurately.

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