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Scheduling and Routing Has Never Been Easier

Enjoy increased productivity with greater control over your scheduling and routing routines. SingleOps will allow your crew maximize their time and even squeeze in more jobs when they finish early. 

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Customized Views for Different Roles

We built SingleOps to empower each function within your business. From your field crew to sales, from admins to dispatchers, our calendar provides unique schedule views for each role. Keep your team on time, maximize your time, and tackle your to-do list with confidence.

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Create Efficient Crew Routes with Route Planner

SingleOps has the power to read your crew’s schedule and provide you with the most efficient routes to each job, allowing your team to maximize their time each day. This minimizes travel time between jobs and allows your team to get more work done each day. 


Flexible Rescheduling Saves You Time

When Mother Nature has other plans for the day, you can easily reschedule multiple jobs at once with SingleOps Batch Rescheduling. You can also set SingleOps to notify each customer of schedule changes, saving your team time and money.


"It could easily take 6 hours each day to plan the next day’s route and call customers to inform them. We now have it streamlined, and it takes less than an hour."

At the end of each day, I was responsible for planning routes for each crew and each technician. It could easily take 6 hours each day to plan the next day’s route and call customers to inform them. With SingleOps, we now have it streamlined, and it takes less than an hour to make 10-12 routes for all the technicians.

Alyssa Jeffery
Lawn Care Manager & Office Administrator
Turf King and Turfscapes

More SingleOps Features

Client Portal

Stand out from your competition by leveling up the customer experience of booking new services, viewing & approving proposals, and accepting payments.

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Customer Communications

Manage customer communications from a single platform with a 360-degree view of the customer’s experience. Quickly text or email individual customers, or send bulk communications in advance of upcoming visits.

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GPS Tracking

Get real-time visibility into your equipment, including vehicles and equipment, and compare timesheet data against crews’ location history.

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