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8 Ways to Get More Tree Care Leads

Tree Care Lead Generation





Leads come from so many different sources. It is honestly a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which channels you should prioritize. That’s why we’ve compiled a list explaining the best ways to get more leads for your tree care service.

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1. Get customers to find you on Google (SEO)

According to Google, organic searches are 5X more valuable than running ads. Why? People who find your site by searching for “tree care near me” immediately need your services. Appearing on the first page of Google for queries like this is essential for growing your business long-term. So how do you show up in Google Searches?

Your Website

As discussed in a previous blog post, your website should be your primary driver of revenue. It serves as a way for customers to understand your services. You can also include contact forms where you can collect data from people who visit your site. 

To appear on Google, you need to make sure your website is updated regularly, has multiple pages explaining your different services, and shows pictures or videos of tree care work you’ve done for other clients.

Google My Business

Google My Business is another tool you can use to appear on the first page of a Google search. You must claim your business first though.  Make sure you fill out every section available with company info, a link to your website, get plenty of reviews, and add photos of your work. Click here to navigate to your Google Business Page

2. Answer Customers Questions

You can answer customer questions online in two ways, directly through a chatbot or via a blog post. Both are great methods for different reasons.


A chatbot gives leads and customers the ability to contact you directly at any time. You create automated answers to customer questions, collect information from leads, and address issues your prospects may have. 

Click here to find the best chatbots for small businesses

Blog Posts

Blog posts serve to answer common questions your target audience may type into Google. The benefit to you is that regardless if someone reading a blog of yours ends up being a customer or not, the more traffic you have to your blogs, the higher your page authority will be. Meaning Google will want to rank you higher.

3. Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to engage with prospects on a large scale and then direct them to your website. Social apps allow you to tell your story, interact with prospects and customers, and serve as a second website. Some social media platforms, like Facebook, enable prospects to book work directly on your page.

4. Paid Online Advertising

Google Ads tree care

Google and social media ads are inexpensive methods that can significantly increase your company’s online visibility. Paid ads are the easiest way to appear on the top of the first page in Google. However, you can’t just set up an ad campaign and walk away though. You need to set your budget, find your target audience, set the location and time of day you want ads to be shown. You’ll also need to know the keywords your prospects are searching for in Google. All of the same applies to social media ads. 

Click here to set up Google Ads
Click here to set up Facebook Ads 

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the perfect way to reach leads who have already interacted with your website and provided you with their contact information. You can send highly personalized emails to prospects based on what you know about them. 

Building relationships is an important part of the sales process and can help nurture leads into paying customers. You shouldn’t just send emails asking them to buy things. Sending customers helpful articles (from your blog) builds your credibility, drives leads to your website and shows prospects that you understand their needs.

6. Customer Referrals

There isn’t a better lead gen tool than word of mouth for tree care businesses. The best way to get a referral is by providing customers with exceptional service. The other way to get referrals is to ask customers to refer you. You can do this by identifying your most satisfied customers and sending them an email to leave you a review on Google. 

7. Lead Referral Websites

Angi's list tree care

Today there are many tree care lead websites. These websites serve as online referral networks. Potential customers use the website to find “tree removal services in my area,” and companies that meet the criteria show up as matches. 

Using a tree care referral website is very similar to buying an ad on Google. These websites tend to rank high on Google (usually ranked #1 or #2) so you can leverage their place on the first page of a Google search.

Here is a list of popular tree care lead generation websites

8. Track leads

It seems simple enough, but it’s incredibly important that you have a system in place to track prospects and leads. You need a database where you can score, segment, and nurture leads. A platform that allows you to send email newsletters and monitor website performance. It’s also helpful to find a platform that analyzes how well you manage your leads. 

Popular lead generation management tools for tree care services are:

What is lead generation?

According to Marketo, lead generation is the marketing process of creating and capturing interest for your service to develop your sales pipeline. 

The desired outcome of lead generation is an increase in higher quality leads and a higher closing rate.

Stages of lead generation

1. Attract leads to your website

Getting a potential customer to your website is the first step. Your website should include multiple ways for leads to contact you.

2. Capture their information

Capturing lead information can be done by either having them fill out an online form on your website or receiving a call and getting their information manually.

3. Nurture your lead

Once you have information from your lead, you can now nurture them towards being a customer. The timeline on this step is never clear because each prospect will move at their own pace. Your job is simply to keep your company at the top of their mind.

4. Conversion

Once a lead converts into a customer, you’re done, right? Well actually, the nurturing process doesn’t stop there. It’s important to keep current customers engaged with your brand. As discussed above, referrals are an incredible lead source.

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