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Arborist Now Saves Time, Stays Connected with SingleOps

The Customer

Arborist Now’s mission is to be San Francisco’s best tree care service company by performing a full range of superior quality tree care services. Since 2007, the company has provided a full array of high-quality arboricultural services that protect an owner’s investment and their surroundings. 

The Challenge

“When I joined Arborist Now, we were using another business management software called Arborgold. We realized there had to be a better program. With Arborgold, we had to pay too much for templates and text communication per-text. Additionally, maneuvering through the interface was challenging. To send an email to a client just confirming a job took up to five steps.

“There was a limit to the size of images that I could upload per job, which could be a problem when people need to take photos of landscape work. There was no storage for that data. I also felt like training and support were lacking with Arborgold. I didn’t have the resources I needed to learn about Arborgold as a new admin,” explained Lyoni Sung, communication assistant, at Arborist Now.

The Solution 

“SingleOps was much more advanced than Arborgold and well-catered to the green industry. I was able to learn SingleOps really quickly, and our experience implementing and importing data was quick overall, just a month. The SingleOps staff was great to work with and very helpful in training me on the system as well as helping train our team,” stated Lyoni.

The Results 

Speeding Up Daily Processes

Sending an email to a client confirming a job is a quick, two-step process with a template, whereas up to five steps were required with Arborgold. With SingleOps, Arborist Now is able to send batches of multiple invoices at once, resulting in further time savings.

“Synching with Google calendar is really nice. Every task we set up in SingleOps also appears immediately on Google calendar. Additionally, we use SingleOps to keep track of our new customer leads and proposals, and we’re able to review the status and make updates to leads over time,” explained Lyoni.

Saving Time Every Day

“With Arborgold’s difficult to maneuver interface, booking a single appointment required eight to ten minutes, whereas with SingleOps, it’s only two minutes. The move to SingleOps saves me nearly 8 – 12 hours per week in just appointment booking alone,” stated Lyoni.

To view sales reports with Arborgold, Lyoni needed to export to Excel to produce the sales projection. With SingleOps, it’s just a two-step process, which has resulted in saving 30 minutes to an hour twice a month. Arborist Now has also opted to receive reports automatically via email each week, including leads and pending jobs.

Staying Connected with Email and Mobile Functionality

Arborist Now team members make use of the SingleOps mobile functionality every day. Every estimator has an iPad and phone.

Lyoni is able to send proposals and appointment confirmations via email through SingleOps. “It’s so useful.” 

Detailed Sales Reports

Arborist Now uses SingleOps to manage multiple operations, including landscape and milling. The company services a variety of locations such as residential and commercial, homeowners’ associations and property management firms, several of which have different locations. With SingleOps, Arborist Now can see the different service categories listed on the sales report, including individual line items.

Arborist Now also appreciates the ongoing improvements of SingleOps. “I get wonderful emails about new SingleOps products features and automation systems,” concluded Lyoni.

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