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Black Diamond Tree Service Finds Software That Their Customers Love

Tree Care Software Case Study

The Customer

Black Diamond Tree Service, Inc. is a fully insured, family-owned, TCIA accredited tree care company serving home and property owners in Southern Vermont. Utilizing the latest in tree care technology, Black Diamond has been defining excellence in tree care since 1994.

The Challenge

Black Diamond previously used another software, but found it lacked critical functionality. The software only supported a limited scope of office tasks. Black Diamond was still using paper work orders, as well as paper time sheets. 

“We found the software to be antiquated and didn’t feel it was designed for the crew to be using. I was the only one working in the system and it was a real bottleneck.”

“I first made a change to another software, and I found it to be so complicated, particularly to set up. I had to build it from the bottom up and I hated it. It was not user friendly, and I couldn’t imagine my team being able to use it,” explained Denise Foery, Vice President and CTSP, Black Diamond Tree Service.  

Foery knew that her team needed the right tree care CRM.

The Solution

“I wanted something designed with the tree care industry in mind. When I first looked at SingleOps’ website, it seemed so simple, I thought it might be too dumbed down for what we needed. But after I had a demo, I realized I was extremely wrong.”

“We now have everyone at Black Diamond using SingleOps, so for a small business, it’s a little pricey, but for the value it delivers, it’s definitely worth it,” stated Denise.

The Results

Great Implementation

“Implementation was great. My specialist was really good, super attentive and answered all my questions. Everyone I talk to at SingleOps is really good, but he was my go-to person. SingleOps has a strong team, and I want to support them,” said Denise.

Black Diamond integrated SingleOps with QuickBooks, enabling them to easily generate and send invoices as well as generate timesheets. The company also uses the SingleOps calendar to schedule work.

Keeping Track of Everything

“We use SingleOps to carry the job from the time clients call in, all the way through to invoicing. We keep track of everything from new leads and proposals, to work orders and invoices. Our crew now looks online at SingleOps at their work orders instead of paper copies. The integration with QuickBooks is nice, and I love the timesheets. I know the software can do so much.” 

Convenient Customer Portal

“I email clients their proposals and invoices, and they can accept proposals and pay invoices on the automated online portal. They no longer have to print proposals, sign the document, then scan and email back. We’ve also recently started using SingleOps to text our clients.”

If You’re Considering SingleOps…

“To anyone considering SingleOps, I would say, ‘Do it now, don’t waste any time.’ Particularly if it’s a good fit for them, and it was a great fit for us. SingleOps is one of the best companies I’ve worked with.”

“There’s nothing I don’t like about SingleOps. I know they’re developing and improving the application, and I’m excited to see what comes next. I think they do a great job. They have excellent attention to detail and a strong team,” concluded Denise.

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