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CHOP Nashville’s Proposals Are Incredible

Tree care software

The Customer

Established in 2012, CHOP Nashville is more than your average tree company. Because tree care tends to generate a lot of waste, CHOP Nashville practices conservation by repurposing trees. CHOP Nashville has built relationships with custom builders, the University of Tennessee’s Agricultural Center, local designers, woodworkers, and fellow tree companies to minimize the waste their service produces.

The Challenge

CHOP Nashville was using Kickserv Field Service Management software, and the team felt that it lacked ease of use and was designed only for backend users and administrators. The lack of route planning also cost them valuable time because managers were constantly in Google Maps trying to figure out where jobs were.

The Solution

When Andrew Dahler, Client Experience and Team Resource Coordinator, started with CHOP Nashville, he selected a new software solution. “The other app we evaluated, similar to Kickserv, wasn’t designed with all users in mind and was rather difficult to use.” After he realized this, Dahler began searching for tree care business management software. That’s when he came across SingleOps. “SingleOps had the features we needed, including route planning. SingleOps is designed for end-users. We don’t have to spend a lot of time training people on it,” explained Dahler.

The Results

Fast and Thorough Implementation

SingleOps was available for any questions the CHOP Nashville team had, and they were able to complete implementation in about 3 to 4 weeks, including transferring all data from the existing system. “I found it to be pretty straightforward. I didn’t have any issues ever. It was all positive.

“The SingleOps implementation specialist customized some templates for us, which was helpful and saved a lot of time. SingleOps helped us put our logo on emails and set up proposals to include images,” said Dahler.

Tree Care Software

Source: CHOP Nasvhille FB

Managing the Entire Client Lifecycle

CHOP Nashville uses SingleOps throughout the entire client management lifecycle. New leads from the website are automatically entered into the system or manually entered if they come in over the phone. The team creates and emails proposals through SingleOps, and clients can accept the proposals through the SingleOps client portal.

Proposals are Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

“What makes our proposals stand out is the ability to include pictures per line item. That puts us head and shoulders above everyone else.

Proposals Mark-Ups Provide Peace of Mind

“Our proposals look more professional, and people can understand what’s happening. We’re able to mark them up on iPhones and highlight things, such as marking specific tree branches. It’s easier to tell what’s going on. [The customer] can see and understand the proposal.

“It can be hard to convince someone to spend thousands of dollars to remove a tree. It helps that everyone’s very clear on exactly what’s going to happen. This also gives us liability coverage and peace of mind. We have it in the contract, and we can all agree.”

Contributing to Revenue Growth

CHOP Nashville is earning more revenue, and Andrew believes their win rate has increased. SingleOps is one of several things that have contributed to the company’s growth, including upgrading equipment and Dahler joining the company as a new Resource Coordinator.

Planning Routes and Saving Hours Every Week

“We often have multiple jobs, as well as multiple consults planned for each salesperson. With the route planner, seeing it all on the map is the most helpful thing in the world. I would say it saves me multiple hours a week.”

More Efficiency and Improved Team Cooperation

“I like the whole job folder. There’s a flow, starting with a lead, then a salesperson generates a proposal, and, once the lead accepts, they’re converted to a customer. At any time, a manager can look at what’s happening with each lead and see where it was before. But if you’re taking it over the phone and writing in a notebook, no one knows what’s going on, and it’s hard to keep things straight. 

“All our staff members have accounts, and SingleOps has increased efficiency. No one gets forgotten about, and there’s no confusion with the leads. I’m also sending out bulk emails to all clients with jobs scheduled for tomorrow, which auto-populate the appointment times. This has been a great feature since texting or emailing clients individually takes a long time. I’ve also used SingleOps to text clients occasionally if I don’t have their email. 

“For the most part, SingleOps has been awesome. I spend hours a day working with it, and it’s well made. There’s nothing that frustrates me about it,” concluded Dahler.

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