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Goat Turf Grows Revenue 30X in 2 Years

The Customer

Founded in 2018, Goat Turf, LLC is an exclusive distributor of SYNLawn®, the unrivaled innovator of artificial grass in North America, for Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. In addition to being Tennessee’s largest artificial turf company, Goat Turf is proud to be Tennessee’s only STC Certified Turf Installer.

The Challenge

“We had tried other business management software apps, but they were all too complicated to use. We were mostly using Excel sheets to manage operations. It was so cumbersome and there were too many opportunities for mistakes. We would put something in Excel, then type it into an invoice template, and then use other apps to schedule jobs, send emails, and track timesheets. It wasn’t professional and too many mistakes were made.

“Time is your most valuable asset, and I knew Goat Turf needed a good app to reduce all the time we were spending on things that don’t add value,” explained Tyler Burnett, Founder & CEO, Goat Turf LLC.

The Solution

“I did a lot of research and got demos of different apps, including Buildertrend and Jobber. SingleOps is super easy to navigate, and it felt like the right fit. I felt the best about my customer service rep, the software, and the training.

“As I recall, SingleOps was the most expensive, but for me it wasn’t about that. The amount of money I spend on it is tiny compared to what I get in return.”

The Results

Goat Turf was able to get up and running with SingleOps in less than two weeks.

One Software Instead of Five

“With SingleOps, we’re now able to use one software instead of five. We use it to keep track of info such as new leads and follow ups, the whole nine yards, including:

  • Scheduling consultations and jobs
  • Generating proposals
  • Putting tasks on the calendar
  • Job costing
  • Generating and sending invoices
  • Collecting payments
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting

Source: Goat Turf

Delivering Proposals Onsite in 5 Minutes

“We charge $100 for a consultation and if the prospect has all the info we need, we use SingleOps on tablets to generate proposals. I can literally take measurements and have a quote done in five minutes; not just done, but I can also feel very confident in the accuracy of the quote.

I love the templates for proposals, and it ensures we don’t leave anything out. We’ve saved all our cost, pricing, and margins in SingleOps. Our proposals are also much more professional. We can deliver a proposal onsite and review it with them. The customer can then eSign to accept right there and receive an invoice. Half the time, we close the deal onsite and leave with a check or credit card payment.

“Before SingleOps, each proposal took 1.5 – 2 hours to create and I’d leave stuff off. Just last week, I was able to send 8 quotes in a single day. I’d never have done more than 3 in the past.”

Demonstrating Professionalism and Earning Client’s Trust

“Prospects see I’m willing to pay for something that presents a professional quote. It shows we’re easy to do business with and helps them trust me,” explained Tyler.

Goat Turf has integrated SingleOps with a credit card processor to enable customers to make payments online. The company also uses timesheets as well as integrated email to send invoices to clients and inform them when jobs are scheduled.

The multiple benefits of SingleOps have helped Goat Turf increase their proposal close rate from 30% to nearly 60%.

Helping Scale Exceptional Growth

“SingleOps has helped us scale tremendously. Two years ago, when we first started using SingleOps, we were earning about $20K in revenue per month. After one year, we’d grown to $200K per month, and after two years, about $600K monthly. We’re now earning about $7M annually in revenue, and what we pay for SingleOps is a tiny fraction.”

SingleOps is the Heartbeat of The Business

“Another thing I love is that we don’t have to double handle things. After generating a proposal, that same proposal is accepted by the client, then we can convert it to a work order for my guys, and the info is there, so they know what’s expected on the job.

“SingleOps is the heartbeat of what we do from sales to the install guys to crew leaders to me as CEO. I love how it helps ease the transition from lead to proposal, active job, calendar, purchase order, and invoicing. It’s the same platform for the whole process, and something that makes Goat Turf different.”

SingleOps Supports and Listens to Customers

I’ve shared ideas with my support team. One thing I’ve loved about SingleOps, I feel like you listen to your customers. Suggestions are taken into consideration and I’ve seen some of mine be implemented.”

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