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Keith’s Tree Service Streamlines Operations and Fuels Growth with SingleOps

Keith’s Tree Service Streamlines Operations and Fuels Growth with SingleOps

Key Takeaways

Keith’s Tree Service, based out of Wakefield, MA started off as a small tree care company, but it has grown rapidly since its establishment in 1999.

SingleOps has helped Keith’s Tree save time by eliminating redundant paperwork processing and tedious office work, allowing the employees to focus on other tasks at hand.

For an office manager, it is especially hard to do your job when there’s a giant amount of paperwork to keep up with. Marlene, who has been the office manager at Keith’s Tree Service in Wakefield, MA for five years now, always wanted a system that would make her job, and life for that matter, more simplified.

“It definitely has developed.”

Keith’s Tree Service has been around since 1999. It started off with just two guys and a tree chipper, but it has developed into quite a large business since then. Now, Keith’s Tree is comprised of “three complete crews going out and we are possibly developing more this summer. There was no office up before this. Keith’s wife was running things out of their home, and now we have at least three people every day in the office, as well. It definitely has developed,” Marlene explains. The tree care company specialized in tree removals, stump grinding, pruning, and firewood.

Marlene reflects on what lead them to implementing the SingleOps software into their day-to-day business earlier this year. She says, “Our slow season started to become not so slow anymore. And, over the last few years, it was definitely something that I wanted, but with the rapid growth of the company, it was difficult to look into software.”

“I’ve just found the amount of paperwork has decreased incredibly.”

Marlene Tryder – Office Manager, Keith’s Tree Service

“She did all the legwork.”

Because of the incredible amount of paperwork, including carbon copy estimates, notes, and bills, Marlene was finding that there was a lot of missing paperwork in the office, along with contradictory bills and estimates. Luckily, in the summer of 2018, Keith’s wife, Denise, employed her mother to find Keith’s company a software that could combat all of these problems. Marlene explains, “She offered to take that on for us. She did a lot of investigating into different softwares and different programs and trials. She did all the legwork.”

Denise’s mom helped integrate SingleOps into Keith’s Tree Service and she, along with SingleOps’ staff, trained everyone in the office on how to use the program. “I’ve just found that the amount of paperwork has decreased incredibly. And, we’re still not using SingleOps to every extent that we can,” says Marlene. The company only just integrated SingleOps in August. “Before we used to have to hand type everything in and now it’s just like, it’s all a template and you choose the template and send it on its way. There’s no questions as to where anything is.”

SingleOps is an all-in-one software for the green industry that was built specifically to cater to the needs of the tree care, landscaping, lawn care, and sod farm industries. One of the main advantages of implementing SingleOps is that it takes a lot of stress off of office managers because everything only needs to be input into the system once.

As Keith’s Tree Service continues to rapidly grow into the next years, Marlene is more confident than ever that they will be able to keep up with this growth. And, as they learn how to fully optimize SingleOps into their office, Marlene is hopeful that everyone’s lives will be made a little more simple because of the program.

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