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Momentum Tree Experts Transforms Sales, Increases Close Rate

The Customer

  • Provider of tree services to the greater Durango, Colorado area

The Challenge

  • QuickBooks + Google Calendar didn’t provide a way to generate professional proposals and follow up

The Results

  • Exceptional proposals increased close rate significantly
  • Customers are accepting proposals within minutes
  • SingleOps revolutionized the whole sales process to be more streamlined and efficient
  • Lead flow & job workflow management helps Momentum Tree Experts stay focused

The Customer

Momentum Tree Experts has been providing tree services to the greater Durango, Colorado area since 2019. Momentum’s approach blends artistry with the science of professional arbor care to improve the health, vitality, and beauty of clients’ trees.

The Challenge

Momentum Tree Experts was using QuickBooks for accounting and a combination of other tools to manage operations, such as Google Calendar to schedule jobs. Moses Cooper, Owner of Momentum Tree Experts, ISA Certified Arborist, explained, “We needed a better way to follow up on new proposals. I was stretched so thin and couldn’t keep up with following up on new proposals in a way that sales professionals should. We had too much volume in sales, so when proposals weren’t accepted, I wasn’t able to follow up and ask why.

“Scheduling jobs was a challenge too. We had to enter jobs manually in Google calendar and use a crazy mix of color codes.”

The Solution

“I looked at a few different estimation software apps. ArborNote worked only on iPhone, and I needed an app that would work on Android. I tried a demo of tree service software, TreeZi. While the price was low and the customer service was good, it left much to be desired. Things seemed poorly planned and there was no attention given to important parts of the program. It had some good features, but overall, it felt primitive compared to SingleOps.”

The Results

Easy to Integrate, Almost Instantly Up & Running

“I was a hands-on user of SingleOps from the first day. We integrated with QuickBooks and we were almost instantly up and running. SingleOps is very intuitive and has a really good layout, so it was easy to integrate and adapt very quickly. The first couple weeks I entered my old, confirmed work from QuickBooks online, then I built the first new proposal right away and confirmed work in SingleOps. 

“Almost immediately, I saw the value of investing in the software and all the benefits it has.”

Transformed Sales, Staying Focused

“SingleOps is worth every penny. It has transformed my sales. We integrated our entire sales estimation process almost from day one.

“It’s straightforward to send out proposals. I really enjoy the sequence they’ve laid out from new lead to proposal to active job, then completed job, approved, and invoiced. It helps me stay focused on what the next step is.”

Incredible Level of Customer Support

“I found SingleOps to be very easy to start using and easy to trust. I haven’t run into too many hurdles, and when I had questions, the level of customer support was incredible. Every single question I had was answered almost immediately through online chat and email, and they also offered additional info. Once I was up and running after that first week or two, I haven’t had to follow up with my integration specialist and honestly haven’t had any questions at all. It all makes sense and is clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow linear sales process. I may have questions in the future as I grow my business, but I have no worries about scaling up, as so far, customer support has been spot on. I am fully committed, and fully trust SingleOps to be the core of my sales department. 

Proposals Provide a Competitive Advantage, Increased Close Rate

“Many of my competitors’ proposals are little more than a Post-it® Note stuck to the door with a price. Now Momentum Tree Experts provides well-crafted, beautiful proposals with photos and maps, which shows a high level of professionalism. The increase in my proposal acceptance rate is significant

“I have people accepting proposals within minutes. They don’t even have to email me back, they just click the box. I’m blown away by how fast they’re accepting proposals. Without a doubt, my close rate has gone up. Before SingleOps I’d send proposals to the wind and never hear back. Sometimes I would worry I had entered their email address incorrectly. Now I can view the email report to see if I get a kickback that an email wasn’t delivered, which is so helpful, and I can see if they’ve viewed the proposal; that’s huge. We also send an automated email follow-up on any proposals that haven’t been accepted after a few days. SingleOps directly shows that more work is confirmed.”  

More Streamlined, Effective, and Efficient

“SingleOps revolutionized the whole sales process. Our sales experience is now more streamlined, effective, and efficient. SingleOps also syncs directly to Google calendar and shows job numbers and task numbers. We were able to create a few templates to text to customers, such as, ‘We’re on our way.’

“SingleOps is just so much more than QuickBooks ever dreamed of being. It has really been nothing but helpful and I’m very excited about it. Every once in a while, there may be something that is confusing or seems like a pain, but I’m able to sort it out. The tech support and community forums are really good.”

Expanding Use of SingleOps in The Future

“I know there are some parts of SingleOps that I’m underutilizing, and over the next few months, I’m going to take it to the next level. I want to begin using time tracking and move to digital timecards. As Momentum Tree Experts starts a plant healthcare program, we will certainly use additional features such as routing.

“I’m going to rebuild my website this summer. My website now has a contact page with a form for prospective customers to fill out, and I will integrate the lead capture form to automatically pull new leads into SingleOps,” concluded Moses.

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