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Seattle Tree Care Streamlines Operations and Doubles in Size with SingleOps


The Customer

Family owned and operated company specializing in the thoughtful care of the Pacific Northwest’s largest living things since 2007

The Challenge

Use of QuickBooks and Google Calendar required extensive data entry and was very limiting to company growth

The Results

  • Time savings up to 40%
  • SingleOps allows for more activity as the company has doubled in size
  • Scheduling is easy with drag and drop
  • Tracking KPIs provides understanding of what’s profitable and how to focus energy

The Customer

Seattle Tree Care is a family-owned and operated company specializing in the thoughtful care of the Pacific Northwest’s largest living things. Since 2007, the company has been committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality tree care in the Seattle region.

The Challenge

Seattle Tree Care previously used QuickBooks for accounting and sending estimates, along with Google Calendar for scheduling jobs.

While this was functional, it also required extensive data entry to keep track of events, including which equipment was required and how many people were available. The Seattle Tree Care team wanted to grow the company and realized the lack of a dedicated solution was very limiting.

The Solution

In 2019, Seattle Tree Care evaluated various business management applications, including Arborgold. Kelsey Gruenwoldt, Co-Owner & CEO, Seattle Tree Care, explained, “Our evaluation went furthest with Jobber and we did a brief trial. It’s a great program for a company that has two to three crews, but we knew we’d be bigger than that and Jobber didn’t scale as we needed it to, at least at that time. We knew SingleOps would add value, particularly as we grew.”

The Results

“2019 was our first year using SingleOps. There’s so much functionality in SingleOps, it took a little to get used to it. There’s definitely a learning curve. But now it’s a great tool for us, tracking all kinds of KPIs to understand what’s profitable for us, what helps us grow, and how to focus our time and energy,” explained Kelsey. I think SingleOps has improved the implementation process a lot since then. They’re now putting out more info like with the podcast and blogs. 

Accelerating the Proposal Process

“Generating and sending proposals through SingleOps has been great. We can include details such as maps, photos, and line-item options so customers can see that’s the tree we talked about. We can also include photos that help crews know what to expect when showing up at job sites.

“Our proposals are professional, easy for customers to view, and I love that we can add additional PDFs, so we can provide things like insurance, contractor’s license, and more info about our company – all the things customers have requested from us in the past after they looked at proposals. Clients can also accept proposals via the automated SingleOps portal. Our proposals help us stand out from competitors,” said Kelsey.

Easily Scheduling Jobs

“Scheduling is 100% our favorite thing,” stated Kelsey. “It’s so great to drag and drop jobs onto a schedule. When customers approve a job, it transfers to a work order, and saves office time to get the crews prepared.

“SingleOps helps with routing the Project Managers days too. We have four Project Managers and they do anywhere from five to eight leads a day. The fact that we can drag and drop leads onto their days and optimize their routes is great, and it’s all right there in the program. The Project Managers are now remote as opposed to working out of the office, and they really like that. They start their days going straight to job sites or bids, and it also helps us be competitive with other employers across other industries. 

Significant Time Savings

Since we started using SingleOps, our company has doubled in size. Since we now do a lot more than we used to do, it’s a little hard to compare how long tasks took back then to now. But considering all of the ways SingleOps streamlines our operations, it probably saves us 40% of the time. Everyone uses SingleOps and it allows for a whole lot more activity.”

All the Vital Info At-a-Glance

“SingleOps makes it possible to see a whole bunch of info and make sense of it. With filters, we can view the info we need at a glance. For example, we can view calendars in different ways and run things together geographically or see what equipment is available. We’re addicted to it.”

Improved Customer Service

Previously, Seattle Tree Care called customers to remind them of upcoming work, a task that was sometimes bumped. Now, the team is able to send automated email reminders, improving customer service.

“We have awesome templates, so we can email customers with proposed dates and enable them to confirm. We can also go into client notes and add comments to follow up on conversations.”

Reports on All the Data Needed

“All the data is in SingleOps, so I can run a report and figure out anything, which is awesome. Within the last year, pivot table functionality was added and I’m excited to see how SingleOps continues to grow the reports capabilities,” concluded Kelsey.

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