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Sussex Tree Inc. Experiences Another Year of Record Growth with SingleOps

Since 1987, Sussex Tree Inc. has worked to become the premier tree care company across the greater Sussex area servicing clients in Delaware and Maryland. Their founder Jeff Meredith’s vision was to provide outstanding service to every client through attention to detail and desire for perfection.

They have been able to do so through growing an incredible team of ISA certified arborists, operators, and plant health care specialists. Sussex Tree has always been locally owned and operated, and have scaled to become a green industry titan. Not only do they offer exceptional residential and commercial tree care services, but they also provide landscaping and plant health care programs. 

These plant health care programs preserve the natural beauty of an area by only taking down trees and other landscape features when absolutely necessary, and are one of the many things that sets Sussex apart from their competition. The company has gone above and beyond in this field by starting their own green initiative program to continue to care for the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Before SingleOps, our arborists couldn’t do anything while on the road. They had to call us, and the phone is always ringing.”

Tanya Daley – Admin, Sussex Tree

After adopting SingleOps in January 2019, Sussex was able to completely streamline their entire back office operation to work in tandem with their arborists in the field. Tanya Daley, Sussex’s admin extraordinaire, said, “before SingleOps, our arborists couldn’t do anything while on the road. They had to call us, and the phone is always ringing.” 

Now, rather than having to wait on hold to discuss an estimate or a location, arborists can view everything on the road from any device. SingleOps has enabled their arborists to make adjustments to estimates and have clarity on the job site with satellite imaging. Furthermore, it empowers them to make stops if new jobs come in without going by the office first.

“I can do batch invoicing, so instead of sending individual emails to over 100 customers I can do one batch and it’s done.”

Tanya Daley – Admin, Sussex Tree

Another killer feature Sussex’s back office has been able to employ is batch messaging to send their invoices and proposals out with ease. As a large company with countless clients, it can be difficult to keep track of who owes you money and who doesn’t. SingleOps tells you which customers have outstanding invoices and allows you to send out individual or batch invoices in just a few clicks. Tanya said, “I can do batch invoicing, so instead of sending individual emails to over 100 customers and having it take a day, I can do one batch and it’s done.” The batch invoicing, in tandem with QuickBooks, makes accounting a breeze and keeps cash flow moving.

“I have even heard compliments from some people like, “Hey! You guys got a new program.””

Tanya Daley – Admin, Sussex Tree

SingleOps has given Sussex Tree the ability to send out electronically generated proposals. Tanya told us, “before, our previous program was just black and white. With SingleOps, not only can we have beautiful color proposals, but the pictures show which trees are coming out.” This gives them an edge against competition and certainly makes an impression on customers. She affirmed this by saying, “I have even heard compliments from some people like, “Hey! You guys got a new program,””, proving these proposals really can make a difference.

The impression these proposals make on their customers goes back to the mission of Sussex Tree Inc: “We are committed to surpassing the expectations of every homeowner, contractor, and municipality that we perform a service for.” SingleOps has given them the tools to continue providing the gold standard of tree care service across their market from the time the proposal is delivered until the job is finished.

“We respond very fast to customers’ requests. The SingleOps team responds even faster than we do, and I love that.”

Tanya Daley – Admin, Sussex Tree

Sussex Tree Inc. and SingleOps share the value of exceptional customer service and understand what it means to work together and create a one-of-a-kind experience for clients. Tanya told us, “we respond very fast to customer’s requests. You guys respond way faster than we do, and I love that.” The team at Sussex Tree Inc. has been able to increase business by working with the SingleOps customer success team to optimize their system and streamline communication with their customers and crew.

Jeff Meredith and Sussex Tree Inc. have made strides to provide the best possible service through integrity, quality, and genuine love for their customers. The Company has continued to expand its operations by adding new equipment as well as a new building for storage and office space. Their passion for excellence has propelled them to grow by 42% in 2 years from $1,677,575 in Q1 and Q2 of 2017 to $2,385,808 in the same period for 2019. The future is bright for Sussex Tree Inc. and the SingleOps team will continue to work with them to provide the platform and support to generate more revenue and enhance their customer relationships.

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