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The Waller Group Increases Efficiencies and Improves Client Service with SingleOps

waller group case study

The Customer

For seven years, the Waller Group has been providing commercial landscape, and irrigation install services in Alpharetta, GA, with about 90% of their business being commercial and 10% being residential.

Peter Greco, a 35-year veteran of the landscaping industry, is currently General Manager of The Waller Group. In this role, Peter manages the day to day operations.

The Challenge

“We were doing things the old-fashioned way, using Excel, especially our proposal creations. We would take notes in the field, then come back to the office and sit in front of a computer to generate our proposals. It was tried and true, and we did it this way for years.

“But a friend told us about SingleOps, and we decided to evaluate it. We were impressed with the entire package and everything it does. When we found out it talked to QuickBooks and all meshed together, it made sense for our business,” explained Peter.

The Solution

“Efficiency was most important to us. SingleOps has streamlined everything. We’re busy, especially in the summer. If we can streamline our processes, it saves us a ton of time, and that’s huge,” said Peter. With SingleOps, The Waller Group can track important info such as customer leads, calls, emails, proposals, and jobs.

Easy to Learn

The Waller Group began using SingleOps and started building proposals the very next day after implementing it. “We had hoped to get all the efficiency out of the box, but we had to tackle the challenge of building it. We had a lot of data to put in. However, once we got the basics built, we found SingleOps to be so easy. It’s just a matter of clicking a button and seeing the dropdowns,” stated Peter.

Streamlined Operations & Accounting

We’ve benefited from the QuickBooks integration. It has been especially helpful to our office staff. For example, for extra work orders, as soon as we finish and sign off on a job, we send the invoice out immediately. It streamlined everything. We don’t have a back-up of paper laying around because everything is online now,” stated Peter.

With SingleOps, the Waller Group can automate scheduled invoices, as well as generating one-off invoices. The system handles all kinds of complex variables and includes credit card integrations and payment automation. SingleOps purchase orders integrate with job costing, inventory, and vendor management, enabling users can cut down on paperwork. Additionally, payroll information can be exported, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Efficiency Gains & Immediate Mobile Delivery

“SingleOps helps us out in the field. If we have a client who needs something right away, we generate it right then and there. We can send it or have them sign it on the spot. The clients are blown away by that ability to do it swiftly in the field. We can then schedule the project immediately,” explained Peter.

The SingleOps estimating platform enables quick, easy creation of small, one-off jobs while also providing all the tools needed for large complex contracts, such as labor and material budgets, production rates, and pricing schedules. With SingleOps, users can design unique proposals using either a feature-packed editor or user-friendly, pre-built templates. Proposals can include photos, maps, detailed terms, and certificates of insurance, and any other content to strengthen the brand and get the sale.

Powerful, Efficient Mobile Functionality

“SingleOps has made our processes much easier, quicker, and less painful. I carry my iPad with me, and there’s so much I can do from my car. After a property inspection, I can go back to the car and bang out three or four proposals in about five minutes.

With SingleOps integrated email and text messaging, The Waller Group can send batches of proposals, renewals, job updates, surveys, internal team communication, transactional marketing, and more.

“The simplicity of creating an extra work proposal for clients and the quick turnaround is probably my favorite feature,” said Peter.

Always Getting Better

“We’ve been on this system for about five months, and we’re still finding new stuff out every day. There’s so much that this program does, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. The more we use it, the better it gets every day.

SingleOps has been a great tool for us to move our business forward, and I highly recommend it to anyone in this industry. If I were to recommend other companies, I’d say, ‘You can’t beat it,’” concluded Peter.

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