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A practical guide to Change Management for your Tree Care or Landscaping business.

Change is hard.

But you can make it easier on your team.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through best practices for:

  • An introduction to the concept of “Change Management,” and why it’s important.
  • Understanding why some people resist change, and how to help them work through it.
  • A proven, step-by-step framework for Change Management from the Harvard Business Review, adapted specifically for the Green Industry.
  • Common scenarios you’ll encounter in business where you should implement a Change Management process.
  • How to ensure the change “sticks,” going from “the new way” to do business to simply “the way” to do business.
  • A post for non-leaders, showing mid-level and front-line workers how they can help the company reach its goals faster during the Change Management process.  

This guide is designed to be a reference point as you consider working through changes for you Tree Care, Landscaping, or Lawn Care business. For a deeper dive into each topic that’s specific to the Green Industry, we’ve also got a more in-depth blog. The URL for each part of the series is included.

We created this resource to help you succeed. If you run a lawn care, tree care, or landscape business and find this valuable, please let us know! Drop us a line at and tell us!

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