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Deposits and Property Measurements

SingleOps can now take deposits for your proposals! The deposits feature integrates seamlessly with on-hold jobs to prevent jobs with an outstanding deposit from landing on your schedule. More information on how to setup and use deposits is available in our Help Center here. Deposits is in limited release, and will be rolled out to all SingleOps users soon. At this point there is nothing you need to do to enable Deposits, we will let you know when it is enabled for your account.

Property Measurements

Job mapping tools in SingleOps have been enhanced to allow for drawing shapes and taking property measurements. These shapes can be shown on proposals to your customers to declare scope, or to your crews so you can make sure the correct areas are serviced. Used in conjunction with custom inputs and production rates these measurements can be used to drive your estimating. To take full advantage of the measurements a small amount of configuration is required, for more information on that please check our Help Center here.

Archived Jobs Report

The “Jobs Report” located under the Admin menu has been renamed “Archived Jobs Report” and now has added functionality to make it easier to find recently archived jobs. This report is meant to help users find and restore jobs that were archived (deleted) accidentally.

Improve Item Management

Usability enhancements have been made to the Item management process to make it faster to manage your existing items and add new ones. We have removed extra clicks and page reloads from, and now you can edit your items twice as fast!

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make it easier to get to the pages you visit over and over again in SingleOps we have added keyboard shortcuts! A full list of shortcuts is also available in the Help Center here.

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