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3 Benefits of Digital Proposals | Landscape and Tree Care

Landscaping Digital Proposals

Why Digital Proposals?

Everything in your customer’s life is digital now. They order food, pay for services, and schedule appointments online. Why should their experience with your business be any different? Digital proposals give your customers the convenience they desire while saving your business time and money. It’s truly a win-win.  





Give your customers a better experience

The more convenient you can make reviewing and accepting proposals for your customers, the higher quality jobs you’ll be able to win. Previously, the way to send customer proposals was to create a hand-written copy or write up a document and then email it to the customer. Those methods take time and delay the customer from accepting your proposal. Digital proposals eliminate this issue by allowing you to create and send them while you’re still at a customer’s property. The quicker you can get them scheduled, the less stress they’ll have about working with you. 

Another reason why customers love digital proposals is they can accept them online. After you send them a proposal, they’re notified via email with a link where they can review the proposal and accept it. Once the work has been completed, sending them an invoice is just as easy. The invoice gives them the option to pay online, which is the preferred method for many customers and businesses because it erases the hassle of exchanging anything physical.

In addition to having proposals that look great, SingleOps also has great email templates that allow us to follow up quickly. When we put out 30 to 50 proposals a week, it takes time to write personal emails, but using that auto follow up helps us close deals. We’re closing 50% more of our proposals than before, and currently closing nearly 80% of proposals.

Nick Welliver, Owner, Hilton Head Landscapes

Hilton Head Landscapes
Source: Hilton Head Landscapes

Streamline your business

One of the main benefits to you and your business is that there isn’t a need to check pricing or production rates with digital proposals before creating one. Because they are built into your management system, they automatically pull your rates into your proposal forms. 

Additionally, using digital proposals helps you schedule work faster. Once a customer has accepted your proposal, you’ll receive a notification and then be able to schedule a job on your calendar, all while not having to speak on the phone. Not having to wait days to hear from a customer helps you manage your business more effectively and plan for customers further in advance.   

Digital Estimate and Proposal

Always adjustable

An advantage of having digital proposals is they can be modified at any point, up until the invoice is sent to the customer. Have you ever had a customer change their mind about an item in a proposal after they’ve accepted it or ask for additional services to be added? Before, that would require drafting a fresh proposal and starting the process over. However, digital proposals allow you to modify them even if a customer has already accepted the original. 

Digital proposals also allow for pictures and maps to be attached to the document. Using photos can help clarify to your customer and team the exact area needing work. By attaching a Google Maps image, you can show the customer an aerial view of their property and drop pins that correlate with the line items in the proposal, dramatically reducing confusion for your customer about what you will be working on.

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