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Evaluating Business Management Software When You’re Busy





It’s summer. You’re busy and likely getting tired. The backlog of work is growing. You don’t have time to even think about next week, let alone what technology or equipment you’re going to buy going into next year. Almost every landscape and tree care company are in the same boat you are, and there is a case for getting ahead of the curve to begin evaluating software right now.

Your busy season wounds are fresh.

Being busy and overwhelmed exposes your weak points. You’re probably more aware of your weaknesses during the busy season than at any other time of year. When your schedule is full, it’s much harder to shift work. Proposals can get lost in the shuffle, and mistakes can easily be made. Tracking data and analytics are probably the last thing on your mind right now. These are all tasks that software can greatly help you with.

Having your pain points at the top of your mind can help you better communicate which specific areas need help. If you wait three months, you might forget some of the unique features you would like. Hindsight can change our perspective on issues. Features that are must-haves might not feel as necessary down the road. That is why it’s suggested you begin searching for software now while you still have the same level of urgency to solve your problems.

Invest for the off-season

Implementing software or switching to a new platform can feel like an overwhelming task, but a great software provider will understand where your company is at and can help you hit the ground running. There is a common misconception that everyone at your company has to be involved at every step of the implementation process, but that just isn’t the case. Usually, only two to three people need to be involved in the early stages to receive training and guidance. Then, after the first month or so, those few people will have enough product knowledge to help train the rest of your team.

Starting the search for management software now will allow you the necessary time you need to train your crews when your business has slowed down. Waiting until fall or winter will only delay your team getting the full value of your software. If you know you want to invest in a management platform then waiting is just costing you additional dollars.

If you want something done, the best way is to get started.

There will never be a perfect time to implement software. The backlog you have right now will trickle into the fall, and then your seasonal services will begin filling up your team’s calendar. Nick Welliver, owner of Hilton Head Landscapes, explained it best when he said “I just kind of sat on the fence about [software] because I was so worried, I was so overwhelmed and so busy that I was trying to think, ‘how am I going fit time in to go through training of this software’? And do I want to add another complication to my daily what’s going on? What I can say to anybody listening is to dive right in as soon as you can. There’s never going to be a perfect time that slows down when you want to get into software. . . so I highly recommend that if you’re considering software, go for it.”

Nick had spent two years evaluating software, but it wasn’t until he decided to purchase software during the busy season that he felt compelled to follow through with the process. Sometimes all we need to get started is a sense of urgency. You’ll never experience more urgency than right now. Waiting can lead to more procrastination, something we’re all guilty of.

Software Comparison

The best way to see results is to jump right in. Don’t know where to start. Here are some resources to help you begin searching for the right software.

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