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Finding the Best Battery Powered Equipment | 2021

Battery Powered Equipment

For years the promise of electric vehicles and equipment has been on the horizon. Finally, that promise is here. Electric technology has advanced to where it either meets or exceeds the performance of traditional gasoline-powered equipment. Electric-powered technology will continue to advance more over the next few years and become the standard for landscaping and tree care companies.





Why switch to electric?

You’re probably content with your current gas equipment. So why spend the extra cash on new electric equipment? There are a few reasons. First, while costing more upfront than their gas counterparts, electric equipment will save you money in the long run. Electric equipment doesn’t need oil changes, fuel filters, or spark plugs. They’re easier to repair and maintain. Secondly, they reduce harmful emissions. The emissions generated from creating electricity are substantially lower than gasoline-powered tools. Also, while switching to electric power can make you stand out to your customers now, eventually it will be expected of you. Finally, electric alternatives are much quieter than gas-operated equipment. Using quieter equipment reduces the risk of hearing loss and creates a calmer atmosphere for you and your customers.

What are the best options available?

Now that you know some of the incentives of switching to electric equipment, it is time to explore the best options available for your standard landscape and tree care services.

Best Mowers

Zero-Turn Commercial Mower

According to Commercial Mower Reviews, the top pick for an electric zero-turn mower in 2021 is the Cub Cadet ZT1 42E. The ZT1 prices at around $4,500. Roughly $1300 more than the gas version. It comes with a 3000Wh lithium-ion battery that can mow up to two acres on a single charge and takes four hours to recharge fully. Reviewers on Home Depot’s website said that the machine is well built and very powerful, but takes time to get used to because it handles very differently from the gas ZT1. Another reviewer pointed out that handling became much easier after watching the Cub Cadet video on calibrating your ZT1 42E. 

Cub Cadet Electric Zero Turn Mower Commercial
Source: Cub Cadet

Push Mower

The best all-electric push mower of 2021, according to LawnStarter, is the Snapper XD 82-Volt Max. This machine takes 30 minutes to charge and can run for 90 minutes continuously. With a price tag of $450, it runs higher than some other alternatives. However, it boasts a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, with many reviewers praising the mower’s performance, how quiet it is, and the durability of the design. 

Snapper XD Electric Push Mower
Source: Home Depot

Best Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws can be a controversial topic. Many tree care professionals swear by their gas-powered saw. However, tree care professionals also value protecting the environment and using sustainable business practices. Similar to the electric mowers, electric chainsaws are easier to operate and maintain, vibrate less, don’t have a pull cord, and are insanely quiet. 

Gear Junkie’s top pick for electric chainsaw is the Greenworks GS181 82V 18”. The GS181 runs around $350 and comes with a reliable brushless motor that runs off of a 82V battery. The only oil required to run the saw is oil for the chain. It weighs 17 lbs. 4 oz. with the battery installed. Gear Junkie’s reviewer stated that the saw is as powerful as a gas saw, has a long battery life with quick charging and the only con is that it doesn’t come with an onboard chain-tightening tool or automatic chain tightening.  

GreenWorks Electric Chainsaw 82v
Source: GreenWorks

Best Truck

Electric vehicles tend to be more established and well known to the public than commercial mowers and saws. On the other hand, electric trucks currently have far fewer model options than EV cars or SUVs. This makes the Ford F-150 Lightning easily the best electric truck available for presale. The truck will begin shipping in Spring of 2022 and starts at an estimated $42,000. The entry-level truck comes with a 230-mile range battery, while the premium version offers a 300-mile range battery. In addition, the base F-150 Lightning has a 2000-pound payload capacity and a 10,000 lbs. hauling capacity. To learn more about the F-150 lightning, click here.

F150 Lightning EV Truck 2022
Source: MotorTrend


Many experts predict that many of us will be driving electric vehicles by 2025. Some governments could even mandate it. So the question of the green industry going electric is not a question of if, but when. It’s time to begin exploring your options and assessing when the right time is for you to make the switch to cleaner, renewable energy. 

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