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A Flexible Way to Schedule Recurring Jobs

In a perfect world, your team would go into every job with all the information they need.

We all know that’s not always reality.

With some services, the weather will determine the number of visits (Snow Removal), the timing of visits (PHC or Lawn Care), or both.

You need a flexible way to create these jobs for your team.

Enter On-Demand Jobs

On-Demand Jobs offer a flexible way to set up work when certain aspects of a job are unknown. They enable Job creation even if the visit schedule and number of Occurrences for a Line Item are not yet solidified. With On-Demand Jobs, proposals can be created with unknown visit dates, number of Visits, or the exact line items for each Visit.

When to Use On-Demand Jobs

  • Snow Removal (unknown occurrence/number of Visits) – if you have services that happen based on weather occurrences, such as Snow Removal, and the number of times you will need to add the Line Item is unknown can be added with “Unlimited” occurrences. Then, Visits can be generated for these Jobs as required when it snows to quickly create Visits for all of Snow Removal customers at once who are set up with an On-Demand Job for Snow Removal.
  • PHC or Lawn Care (unknown timing of Visits) – if you have services that begin based on seasonality, such as PHC or IPM, On-Demand Jobs can be used to set up a series of PHC services/treatments without specifying in which month these will occur. This is perfect for Jobs which sometimes has a second treatment in May but may be pushed to June due to the year’s weather patterns, for example.
  • Flexible Visits (unknown Line Items on each Visit) – if you know which Line Items will occur throughout the length of a job, but aren’t sure which Line Items will occur on each Visit when setting up the Job, On-Demand Jobs help to capture all of the information that you need upfront while worrying about which Line Item should be added to which Visit later.

Learn more about using On-Demand Jobs

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