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Four Myths that Hurt Your Business

You have great business instincts. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are. But, not all
of them are helping you. Here are four myths you are holding on to that are getting in the way of your business’ success.

Myth #1: Everyone wants to talk to the owner. Everyone who calls has a reason: they need help, and they want it now. Talking to someone who is focused on customer care will speed up the process of resolving their issue without burning up your time. Callers will talk more about what they need, leading to more project opportunities. They will leave the call knowing that they are in good hands. Don’t hinder your business by being the only one who takes customer calls, get help with this critical part of customer care.

Myth #2: Don’t look too rich. Staffing up for customer care doesn’t come off as a luxury to callers. It’s a necessity, and they are pleased that you have taken time to get it right. They are not going to hang up! They will, however, move on to a competitor if they can’t get their call answered. Investing in customer care doesn’t make you look to rich. It shows that you care enough to treat your customers right.

Myth #3: Only people who live here can understand the local area. With the proper preparation, anyone, anywhere can do a great job representing you. Intentional on-boarding goes a long way. Brief your customer care assistant with maps of your service area and cover common traffic issues, This process can help you to identify patterns, like areas better served on specific days or times. Getting your assistant up to speed can help make your whole business more efficient right from the start.

Myth #4: Customer care is an additional business cost. Great customer care pays for itself. One more job booked or one more service provided each month can easily cover the cost. Having someone focused on phones and customer care isn’t a business cost, it is a path to growth.

PC-2-1If your business needs help with customer care Pink Callers can lend a hand-working directly in SingleOps. Pink Callers is a remote office management service whose administrative support employees are fully trained in SingleOps. They also will enter all your existing data into our software so that you wont miss a beat in the implementation process. They are also a huge help after implementation; they will answer all your calls with professionalism, schedule your appointments to get you in front of your customers, schedule your work to keep your business running efficiently, and manage your accounts receivable!

 If we haven’t convinced you yet, by being a user of SingleOps you are offered a 10% discount for your first 90 days of utilizing their services. Also, by signing up with Pink Callers you are now eligible for a 50% discount on one month of your SingleOps subscription.

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