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From “Good” to “Amazing”

Welcome back! In this episode, Jay Worth welcomes Angelique Robb back to the show!

Having owned a landscaping business herself, Angelique’s real passion is innovation in the Green Industry and connecting (or “SYNKing”) the various sectors. Maintenance professionals should have an idea of what Designers and Architects expect, and vice-versa.

The publication she now owns and operates, SYNKD, promotes exactly these principles: coordination and innovation between industry segments. A large part of that is bringing people together for a live event with vendors and tremendous educational opportunities at SYNKD Live.

In this episode, Angelique shares the best way to leverage these live events if you’re an attendee. She discusses relationship building, how the condensed learning format benefits you, and how getting away from the “day-to-day” grind recharges you.

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