The 2020 Green Industry Economic Report

We're excited to announce the release of our 2020 Green Industry Economic Report. Featuring survey data from thousands of green industry professionals used to benchmark key performance metrics like acceptance rate and average job value across different geographies and industry verticals, the report is the first of its kind in the green industry.

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Top Level Findings

In 2019, green industry companies that were surveyed sent out nearly $1 billion dollars in proposals across more than 400,000 proposals.


Vertical Findings

Tree care companies had proposals accepted by clients 55% of the time. Tree care jobs had an average value of $1,759 and a median value of $800. Landscaping companies had proposals accepted by clients 64% of the time. Landscape jobs had an average value of $1,558 and a median value of $577.

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Regional Findings

The non-contiguous region had the highest by dollar acceptance rate (66%) closely followed by the Southwest region at 64 %. The Southwest region had the highest average job value ($3,691), while the Pacific region had the highest median job value ($1100).


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