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How to cultivate top-notch team culture.

Culture is crucial to a well run business. It will improve so many aspects of your business, more driven employees, increased efficiency, a happier team, and way less conflict! All of those things seem pretty great but they do not just happen. Below are 5 steps you can take to improve your team culture.


  1. Transparency is key in every aspect of the business, even financials. If you don’t share the real numbers, everyone will assume the owners are walking away with millions and feel disconnected. 

  2. Create a place where employees feel comfortable giving feedback. Set up a real meeting where they can tell you what has been working and what hasn’t. A great time to do this is a quarterly review; just a 10 minute sit down with each member of the team where you can discuss the past few months and collaborate on ways to improve!
  3. Non work related events. Company retreats, happy hours, or just going out for a beer after work. All of these things allow your team to bond and actually grown friendships with one another. This type of bond will translate into a more collaborative, happier work environment. 
  4. Cast a clear company vision and define what makes your company different. This is crucial, people need to understand your unique company identity and know what their company is working towards! Unless everyone on the team understands these things than there is no way for your team to truly get behind the business!
  5. Acknowledge success!! When the company wins everyone wins! Everyone is working hard to drive the business in the right direction so take advantage of every opportunity to include the team in the celebration of both the business’ achievements AND individual achievements. A great way to do this is send out a hero of the week email to the whole team. Just a short note giving out some praise to a member of the team, or letting people know of a big deal that closed!

While company culture takes a long time to establish there are steps you can take to get the ball rolling in the right direction. It is so important so don’t wait, start cultivating your team culture today!

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