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How to Drive More Business With Custom Email Templates

Want to know what’s new? Well, SingleOps is excited to share a new feature that will make communication with your customer a more beneficial experience. Email Templates already make it easier to keep your customer informed through every step of the sales, job, and payment process. However, our team has recently been working on a feature that allows you to edit those handy Email Templates!

It’s simple: From the Email Templates Page (Admin > Email Templates or you can create or edit an Email Template, bringing you to the Email Template Edit Page. This gives you the opportunity to edit the name, subject, to field, and body of an email by simply typing in the desired text.

To enter in dynamic information you have two options:

Using Data Tags

Data tags simply represent some data and are usually a word between two colons (:example_data_tag:). To use data tags, simply start entering a colon and a search term. A list of available data tags will pop up for you to select from.


We add to these all the time, so check out the up-to-date list here:

Using Liquid Markup

Liquid Markup can allow you to create much more complicated and advanced Email Templates. You can access the visit object in liquid to create queries. This may require some coding knowledge, so ask your account executive for more information. You can learn more about Liquid Markup here thanks to Shopify.

Previewing Changes

You can preview changes made to your Email Template by selecting a visit from the drop-down to the right of the edit form. To refresh a rendered email, simply click on the refresh button at the top right of the rendered email to load in your most recent edits.


Please contact your account manager or if you need any help with this new feature!

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