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Introducing the SingleOps Idea Portal

 By Claus Jensen – VP of Product at SingleOps

When I joined SingleOps this past July as the company’s first VP of Product, one of my goals was to improve the way we engage with our customers around our roadmap and product planning.

Our current Product Feedback page has been serviceable, but we’re ready to take our customer engagement to the next level, giving you more opportunities to influence where we take our product in the future. 

I’m proud to announce our new SingleOps Idea Portal which is launching today and will replace the feedback page.

With the new portal, you will get a fresh new interface that is easy to use.

We will also use the portal to showcase a lot of our future product ideas and projects already on our roadmap. We invite you to comment on the ideas you like and offer suggestions on how you would get the most value from them. We may even reach out to you directly about your ideas and comments. 

Your ideas, votes, comments, and participation will directly impact our roadmap and our capabilities to benefit you and your business.

You may be wondering:

How do I login to the new portal?

Easy. As of today, you will notice that the button in our SingleOps app has changed from “Feedback” to “Submit Idea.” Clicking on the button will take you straight to the Idea Portal. On mobile? No problem, the action is available on the menu there too. And of course, you can bookmark the link so you can access it outside of the app also.

What happens to ideas on the old feedback page?

Have no worries, while you may not see it listed on the portal, we have migrated all feedback into our new product roadmap tool, so your ideas are safe and sound with your SingleOps product team.

How can I get more involved? 

If you would like to be more actively involved as an early adopter or development partner on a specific project, please let me know by commenting on the specific project. Here at SingleOps, we produce our best work when we work in collaboration with our customers.

Looking forward to lots of good ideas and engagement to help us make SingleOps the best tool it can be to help you run and expand your business.

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