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Is your free calendar costing you?

Free Calendars Landscape Green Industry

Common sense says the more jobs you can schedule, the more you’ll profit. So why are so many landscape and tree care companies wasting hours every day on slow and dated scheduling practices? Google Calendar and email might get the job done during the slow season, but we’re in the busy season now. The last thing you want is to miss out on opportunities because you’re not scheduling jobs efficiently. We’d like to share with you how the SingleOps Calendar can change the way you schedule jobs and manage your business. 





Why can’t I just use free calendars?

We live in a digital age where there are boundless options for free calendars. In fairness, Google Calendars and are fantastic free options, however, when you’re running a green industry business you need a calendar that syncs with all of your operations. We’ve found that many companies use a mix of Google Calendars and email to schedule jobs. In the short term, these platforms are free, but have you factored in the time and opportunities lost?

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

“We were bouncing back and forth with emails and calendars and it got convoluted. When we got busy, we saw confusion setting in.”

Kristine Crawford, Office Manager, Tree Huggers LLC

What SingleOps has found is that successful companies get by with free software for a time, but quickly outgrow those platforms and need to update. The best companies know when it’s time to make a switch. The last thing you want, as a business owner, is to lose customers because you outgrew your software or didn’t have any to begin with.

How the SingleOps calendar can help your business.

The SingleOps Calendar is not a separate app, like Gmail or Google Calendar. It is built in with the SingleOps cloud. Gone are the days of switching between three different apps to schedule customers. You only need one.


It syncs your business

The value of the SingleOps Calendar is that it syncs with the rest of your business. There is no need to go back and forth between emails and calendars. Once a proposal has been accepted in SingleOps, and an active job is created, all it takes to schedule a client is to drag-and-drop the job into the calendar. The benefit to you is the entire process of scheduling a client can be done without ever leaving the SingleOps app.

Drag and Drop Calendar

“In particular, the calendar feature was huge. We could generate proposals and schedule work, then email clients without switching out to our work email.”

Kayla McKenna, Operations Manager, Coastal Tree Care

An important detail of the calendar is that you can change your view depending on your role. There are separate views for administrators and crew users. Admins (i.e. back-office and sales teams) can see an overview of the entire business, while crew users can be configured to only see the jobs they’ve been assigned to. This helps crews know in advance what their entire day looks like without being confused by seeing everyone else’s jobs.

It’s made for the landscape and tree care industries

Google Calendar and other free calendar options are made to be a one-size-fits-all solution, whereas the SingleOps Calendar is made specifically for landscape and tree care businesses. Our calendar allows color coding based on assignee. Administrators can also filter their calendar view by operation and tags, making it very easy to schedule and navigate.

Color code events

Filter by Operation, Client, or Tags

Batch functions make it very simple to reschedule jobs. For instance, say you have an entire day worth of jobs, but a large client needs to be scheduled for that day specifically. Instead of rescheduling each job one by one, simply click the batch reschedule button to shift all the jobs to another day. This ensures that your schedule is flexible for the demands of your clients.


The calendar is the most important tool of any landscape or tree care owner. Why settle for one that slows down your business and isn’t made for you? With the SingleOps Calendar you get the support and benefits of working in a calendar made specifically for your industry. Your calendar should live in harmony with your business, not exist outside of it.

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