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Keeping your team healthy

A casual handshake or a high five after a job well done just doesn’t come as naturally as it used to. COVID-19 has drastically changed how we all think about the most simple interactions, and it’s changing how your team operates.

According to a poll from our last webinar, over 90% of green industry businesses are still operating. That’s great news, but to stay operational, your team needs to stay healthy.

Here are some tips from green industry leaders on keeping your team healthy.

Work remotely if possible

If possible, encourage remote work. With modern technologies, working remotely has never been more of an option. Our previous blog post covers three technologies to keep business as usual during social distancing.

Switch up how you do meetings

Here’s a perfect example of adapting to the environment we are in while being an essential business. Birch is still having in-person meetings, they are just doing them outside and 6 ft apart.


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Clean your office and equipment routinely

The CDC says COVID-19 can live on surfaces for hours. Invest in some Lysol wipes and make it a part of everyone’s daily schedule. Everyone should have a part of their day that includes disinfecting commonly used areas of the office or pieces of equipment. Your hands may be raw after all of the cleaning and hand washing, but it’s worth it.

Daily Health Screenings

Before each day, have a health screening for each team member. Take their temperature, and ask them how they are feeling. If they have a fever or communicate any symptoms, it’s best just to send them home. This is where communication is key. Let your team know of these new processes. It might feel weird or excessive, but it is a necessary measure for every one involved.

Sanitation in the field

Last week Cumberland shared how they installed portable sinks in their trucks so they could wash their hands in the field. Not only does this keep your crews safe, but it provides your customers with some peace of mind that you are taking the proper measures against COVID-19.


Crew Transportation

With social distancing guidelines encouraging everyone to stand six feet apart, it doesn’t make sense for your entire crew to pile into the same truck. Allow your crew members to drive their own cars to the jobsite and pay them mileage for doing so.

Customer Communication

Lets your customers know the processes you are putting into place to keep their health in mind while reminding them of the services you are still offering. A lot of people are sitting at home right now, looking in their backyards realizing, “wow, we really need to fix ______”. Make sure they know you are ready to safely do the work.

Delivering Estimates

Adopt business management software that allows you to send proposals and estimates digitally to customers without ever coming into physical contact. 

Accepting Payment

Use a platform that allows you to electronically accept payment for work you complete.

Stay Positive

You, your team, and your customers are experiencing unprecedented times. Stay positive, and project that positivity to your team. This is where a family-oriented approach is more important than ever. Take care of one another.

If you’d be interested to see how SingleOps is helping companies operate business as usual during COVID-19, join us for a free online demo.

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