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Nervous about the switch to SingleOps? Let Pink Callers Help!


One of the biggest concers customers have when they are thinking about making the switch to SingleOps is how they will import their existing data. Pink Callers is the solution.  

Pink Callers is a remote call service whose administrative support employees are fully trained in SingleOps. They will enter all your exisiting data into our software so that you wont miss a beat in the implementation process. They are also a huge help after implementation, they will answer all your calls with professionalism, schedule your appointments to get you in front of your customers, schedule your work to your business running efficiently, and manage your accounts receivable!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, by being a user of SingleOps you are offered a 10% discount for your first 90 days of utilizing their services. Also, by signing up with Pink Callers you are now eligible for a 50% discount on one month of your SingleOps subscription.

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