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On Fire For Something

Welcome back! In this episode, Jay Worth welcomes Robyn Schmitz to the show!

Like so many of us, Robyn discovered a passion for the Green Industry almost accidentally. Her parents ran a flower shop, so she learned plant names and color palettes at a young age.

While studying something else entirely in college, she began working for a garden center to make some money when the realization hit her; she was enjoying her work outdoors with plants FAR more than she enjoyed her chosen field. Upon realizing this, she changed her major to horticulture and never looked back. Today, Robyn leads High Prairie Outdoors, the company she founded. Averaging between seven and eight figures in revenue and with a team of almost 50 year-round employees, Robyn and High Prairie are forces to be reckoned with.

In this episode, Robyn shares why identifying and staying in your niche is important, why knowing your financials is vital, and why valuing and developing your team is essential to success in the Green Industry.

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