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Organize your business with color coding.

One of the biggest requests we’ve been receiving lately is to be able to update calendar colors based on specific business processes. The most common request is to update calendar colors based on who is assigned to a task or job in SingleOps. Well, we are happy to announce that we’ve released the ability to custom color code your calendar, route planner, and job management sections by assignee or by any other process unique to your business. We’ve also made several other enhancements to assist in this feature release.

To begin using custom color coding, go to your users section of the admin menu and edit an existing user or create a new one. You’ll notice that you can now assign a color to that user, which will be used any time this user is assigned to a task or visit. If you want to color code based on something other than users, just create a dummy user. Once you select some colors for your users, you’ll notice these colors whenever you are using the assignee multi select dropdown.

Here is the month view showing how your calendar can look:color2.png

You’ll notice that on the colored bar on the left of the calendar event that we’ve kept our current color coding, which is based on task or visit stage. We’ve also added new icons so you can identify whether the event is a visit or a task, and whether the task is assigned to a job or on a route. The color and icon legend is always at the bottom of the screen in case you forget what any color or icon stands for:color3.png

In addition, we’ve also applied these changes to the job management sections and the route planner. So the color coding and icon use is truly universal across the entire SingleOps app.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this big new release, so please email with any questions on how to use this feature or ideas on how to make it even better.

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