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Improving Payment Collection in Your Business

You’ve won the bid. Your crew completed the work, the job’s done. Now, it’s time to get paid.

Whether you are invoicing digitally or still serving up carbon copy documents, every green industry business needs to be able to track payments that remain owed to them.

Identify overdue invoices

To track Invoice due dates in SingleOps and identify overdue invoices, the Invoices Report can be used. With a few filtering adjustments and Columns added, a Saved Report can be created to track Overdue Invoices.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Invoices Report (under Reports in Sales and Payments)
  2. Select the following Filters:
  • Visit Stages: Completed and Approved (so that only work which is Completed is billed)
  • Open (so that only unpaid Invoices are included)
  • Any other desired filter such as Operation
  1. Ensure the Invoice Date column is selected. Other columns may be selected as needed, such as Invoice Total, Balance, etc.
  2. Save the Report as Overdue Invoices Report to be referred back to when necessary. This will be saved in Reports within a section called “Saved Reports.”
Example of the Overdue Invoices Saved Report

Follow up with clients

Once your team knows which invoices are outstanding, they can send out frequent communication across multiple channels to any customers with overdue payments.

Steps to sending an invoice over email in SingleOps

  • How to batch email in SingleOps. KB link
  • How to build email templates in SingleOps. KB link
  • How to troubleshoot email issues through the Email Status Report. KB link

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