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Improvements to SingleOps Payments Powered by ProPay

At SingleOps, we believe payment processing needs to be fast and pain-free so you can spend more time focusing on your business and exceeding your clients’ expectations. Today, we’re excited to announce improvements to SingleOps Payments that will help you get paid faster!

We are excited to announce two major changes:

  1. SingleOps credit card payments will now be transferred to your bank account in half the time it took previously. The number of days for funds to hit your bank account will shorten to 1-2 days from the previous window of 3-5 days!
  2. The default limits for credit card payments and ACH payments have increased significantly to allow for your business & the amount of payments your business is processing to grow.
    • The default monthly volume limit for credit card processing is now $100,000, up from $35,000.
    • The default monthly volume limit for ACH processing is now $50,000, up from $10,000. 

If your business has already been approved for higher monthly volume limits, those limits will be unchanged. If your business needs higher monthly volume limits, please contact and we can help facilitate the application process with ProPay, our processing partner.

If your business is not using SingleOps payments today and would like to sign up, you can sign up HERE directly in SingleOps (2-3 minute process)!

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