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January’s New Features

We’ve added three new features, including a new financing integration for your customers! Take a look! 

SingleOps Financing powered by GreenSky is Live

SingleOps has partnered with GreenSky® Loan Program, a leader in home improvement financing.

SingleOps Financing lets you close deals with a variety of flexible payment plans directly from your customer-facing proposal page.

If you do not currently offer financing, you may be missing a fast and simple approach to engage leads and set yourself apart from competitors with this enhanced integration.

If you currently offer financing, you owe it to yourself to consider these GreenSky® advantages:

  • Easy, paperless, fast
  • A wide range of loan plans suited to many Customers
  • Pre-qualification available, with no effect on credit score 
  • Credit limits up to $100,000*
  • Credit decisions within seconds from application submission**

We make it easy for you to add financing options to your range of offerings, helping to make your customer’s projects more gratifying and helping you grow your business.

Sales Rep Report: Proposal Accepted Date Filter

We’ve updated your Sales Rep Report to now filter using two date filters:

  • Proposal Created Date – Your default existing date filter 
  • Proposal Accepted Date – This filter will report sales numbers based on the date they were “accepted” or when the job was created.

Note: Only the Sales Won, Accepted Proposals, and Created Jobs columns will display when filtered by Proposal Accepted Date.

Sales Per Operation: Total Revenue Billed Update

Previously, the “Total Revenue Billed” column included Accepted visits. We understand these were sales-related stats that had nothing to do with revenue. 

Now “Total Revenue Billed” will show revenue (invoice totals) for visits/jobs in Completed and Approved statuses.

*Subject to credit approval.
**Applications with data entry or credit check complications may be decisioned in a period longer than seconds.

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