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Loaded Labor Rates & Visits Report

Loaded Labor Rates
SingleOps has added a new job costing feature that enables tracking both the pay rate, and a loaded rate for all of your labor resources. Each labor rate can now be effected by a formula to create a loaded labor rate. These formulas can be created directly while editing labor resources, or on their own page here.

Loaded labor rates will flow through to all of your job costing reports. For more information about these formulas and how to set them up please review this article in our knowledge base.

Visit Report
The latest report to join our report builder series is the Visits Report! This report is a clone of the normal Visit Management screen but all of your visit and client level custom inputs will be available. This should open up a lot of self-deliverable reporting options for all of the custom inputs you’ve added to to your visits and clients.

Save Invoice Report Filters
The Open and Paid Invoice pages now have the ability to save your filters! If there is a certain filter setup you prefer you will now have the ability to set that as your default. These filters can be set via new save buttons on the Invoice pages:

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