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New Look & Feel for “Use Template” Job Creation

SingleOps has released a new and improved template creation popup! Creating new jobs, whether proposals or active jobs, is much faster when using a template. We have made using templates and re-using recently used templates even faster with our redesigned popup for the “Use Template” action.

Now, when you use the “Use Template” action you will see the screen below:

The improvements we have made are

  1. Your 3 most recently used templates are displayed at the top of the screen for easy selection. The most recently used one is pre-selected making it a 1-click option to create a new job from this template.
  2. The list of templates is now alphabetically sorted in the list.
  3. Instead of duplicating the same list in a proposal and an active job section you now have just a single list with two action buttons to choose from to apply the template for a proposal or active job.
  4. To efficiently manage many templates we also added a search bar which filters the list as you type in the field.
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