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Prepay Update

OnDemand Jobs for PHC Users are now a cakewalk…

In this update, we’ve improved prepay!

Prepay can be applied to Recurring Jobs to allow Clients to pay for an entire Job upfront. 


Prepayments for a Recurring Job were automatically applied evenly to each invoice and treated as income, which could produce negative balances and inaccuracies from an accounting standpoint.


Instead of immediately applying the prepayment to the invoices on a Recurring Job, prepayment is taken and then applied to invoices either as they are generated for fixed invoices or as the visit is completed for per-visit invoices.  


Allows prepayment for OnDemand Jobs, which is best practice for our PHC users. Now, they have the flexibility to set jobs up without indicating the exact time treatment will take place and still have the ability to give discounts for paying up front.

New Prepay must be enabled to benefit from this update. Prepayments can only be applied to New Prepay and must be enabled to benefit from this update. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to have this new feature enabled. Prepayments can only be applied to Recurring Jobs in SingleOps and is not available on on-off jobs or OnDemand jobs with unlimited items.

For more information on the Prepay Update, click here or contact us at

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