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Spring 2024 Product Release: Impress Your Clients, Get Paid Faster, and Streamline Routes!

At SingleOps, our mission is to empower you to win customers for life through our product & our service. Starting today & over the next week, we’re releasing two key product updates designed to further your company’s professionalism and your clients’ experience through the Client Portal, and your ability to optimize your crew routing operations:

1. Streamlined Client Portal for Faster Payments

We believe your clients’ workflow to review invoices and submit payments needs to be super simple and straightforward – ensuring you get paid quickly for your hard work, and providing an experience that keeps customers coming back to you for future work. That’s why we’ve revamped the client portal invoice & payment experience for your clients. Through our product testing, we’ve seen that the new client portal results in your clients paying their invoices at a much higher rate than before! Our updates this quarter include:

  • Frictionless Payment Flow: When clients click on an invoice from your text or email, they’ll land on a dedicated “Invoice Summary Page” featuring all the essential information for quick and easy payment processing. The full, detailed PDF invoice remains readily available for download or printing if needed.
  • Improved User Interface with Professional Mobile Experience: The client portal now boasts a sleek, professionally-branded design, reflecting the quality of service your company delivers. The new experience will enable your clients to pay from their phone much easier than the old experience. The improved side menu will also give your clients access to sent, unaccepted and accepted proposals, unpaid & paid invoices, and the ability to request new service from your company.

This intuitive, new design minimizes distractions, leading your clients straight to the information they need to pay invoices, accept proposals and request new work.

2. Route Optimization Gets More Configurable!

Getting your crews to the right place at the right time is crucial for day-to-day efficiency. We’ve heard your feedback that not all drivers start at the default company office location, and we’re thrilled to announce the following route optimization enhancements:

  • Customizable Start and Stop Locations: Now, you can set personalized start and stop locations for each individual driver’s routes, allowing you to build routes with confidence that they’re most efficient for that crew’s time.
  • Batch Scheduling for Enhanced Efficiency: Looking to apply scheduling changes to recurring jobs with multiple visits? No problem! We’ve added the ability to apply scheduling changes to all subsequent visits, saving you valuable time and effort. For example, when you optimize your first recurring visit today to its ideal time (say that visit is now at 4pm and you want to apply that scheduling change to each Monday thereafter), we’ve added that ability to save you time from manually scheduling each subsequent visit on the route planner.
  • City Column Added to Unscheduled Visits on Route Planner: Quickly identify jobs by location with our new city column in the unscheduled visits table on Route Planner. This makes it easier than ever to prioritize and dispatch your crews based on their location.

These route optimization improvements put the power of planning and efficiency directly in your hands, and we know they’ll help you and your team operate smarter.

Ready to Get Started?

These updates are rolling out starting today and over the next 5 business days to all SingleOps users. We’re confident they’ll empower you to enhance your client experience, streamline routing, and achieve new levels of success. If you have questions, refer to our Q1 Launch FAQs, or if you would like to read more about the specific updates, please refer to the Product Updates section of the SingleOps Help Center!

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