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Report Updates

Invoice Report with Custom Inputs
The latest addition to our custom report builder is the Invoice Report. This report enables users to create custom variations of our standard Open and Paid invoice pages.

This new Invoice Report has all of the information from the standard invoice pages, and also any applicable custom inputs. The report is available now in your system under Reports > Sales & Payments > Invoice Report (or click here).

We have also built in our Saved Reports functionality so that you can save off as many versions of this report as you need. We are excited to see what you come up with!

It joins the Jobs Report, and the Master Line Item Report as report versions of our standard pages.

Added Sales Rep Filter to Several Reports
The Items Report, Item Group Report, and Sales by Customer Type report all have a new filter for Sales Rep(s). Using this filter you’ll be able to filter your data down, making it easier to segment your data by Sales Rep.

Added Job Price to Client Show
SingleOps has added a price column to the client page! This should make it easier to see a snapshot of your sales activity with each client.

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