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SingleOps is on the App Store!

We are excited to announce that SingleOps can now be found on your favorite App Stores! You can download SingleOps for both iOS and Android right away:

The app takes all of the great functionality you’re used to in SingleOps and makes it even more accessible. We hope you enjoy the new mobile experience!

Please contact us at if you have any questions about how to get setup, but here are a few answers to the most common questions we’ve seen:

What are the benefits of using the app vs. Safari/Chrome etc?
SingleOps’ mobile app offers a more intuitive user experience compared to using your browser. You won’t have to navigate between tabs, or get logged out when you least expect it, and you can use your entire screen to work in SingleOps. The mobile app also remembers the page you were on most recently. And did we mention they run faster? The days of your bookmark taking you back to the homepage are over!

Does this mean I can access SingleOps without an internet connection?
Our app connects directly to our servers and requires an active internet connection to function. As the quality of your connection diminishes the app will warn you that you’re losing coverage and remind you to save.

Do I have to use the app?
Our mobile friendly platform will continue to be available through your browser at You can continue using SingleOps the same way you always have, the app is completely additive.

Is this available for crew users as well?
Yes! The app is available for all users.

Is there any additional cost to using the mobile apps?
The app is included in your subscription, no additional costs.

What devices are supported?
On iOS we support any device that can run iOS 11 or higher, here is a complete list: . On Android we support Android 4.4 or higher, which should be most Android devices made since 2014.

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