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Job Show Page Usability Enhancements

Today we are finalizing the release of some exciting new functionality for the job show page. As more and more content was added to this page, we discovered it required too much scrolling. The page has been updated with collapsible accordions that allow quick access to the most essential information with minimal scrolling.

The visits accordion for recurring jobs, and the details accordion for one-off jobs will be expanded by default, along with the notes in cases where notes exist. Each accordion has an indicator to let you know how many invoices, tasks, contacts, etc exist within that panel.

A few weeks ago this page also was updated with an invoices section. Today we are making invoices available in a pop-up similar to the visits pop-up. This will allow for easily accessing all the information on an invoice without leaving the page you are on. To use this new function click the magnifying glass next to an invoice and it will pop up!:

Several additional enhancements can be found around the system by looking for a glowing green icon. This is a new function that we will be using going forward to highlight smaller changes.

These smaller changes will continue to be listed out on our feedback portal here:

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